Winter Enrichment

This four day program is offered, every February, during the public school midwinter recess break. Taught by instructors who have taught in the Summer Enrichment Program for years, the program is designed to give area youth in grades 4 through 6 an enrichment opportunity during the winter school break week.

Children can register for one, two or three classes offered during three different time slots, 8:15-10:15, 10:30-12:30 or 1:00- 3:00.  During the half-hour lunch break, children will eat lunches they bring from home.  A student wishing to take only two classes must register for two that are back-to-back.

A student can enroll if he/she has an overall “B” average or higher or scores in the 90th percentile on any state or national standardized test. A School Principal/Teacher Certification Form must be included with the registration form for those students who have not attended the Winter Enrichment Program or the Summer Enrichment Program in the last two years.

Please see our Winter Enrichment 2014 Brochure and Winter Enrichment 2014 Registration Forms for more details.