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On Monday, May 6, students, retirees and alumni gathered to examine the contents of a time capsule which had been buried in May 1988 by the Class of 1988, the 25th graduating class of SUNY Adriondack. The time capsule had been buried outside Randles Conference Center near the Student Center and was unearthed as part of the 2013 Spring Festival celebration.

The event was sponsored by Student Senate and the College Activity Board.

Good food, provided by Moe's Southwest Grill.

Good music, provided by the Jonathan Newell Band.

The Time Capsule Recovery Crew - Brian Durant, Nick Buttino, John Morabito,

and students Victoria Rexrode-White, and Thom Gray.

The time capsule.

Some of our retirees - Frank Endieveri, Mac Edwards, and Mike Kerman.

Frank Jelley, Assistant Director of Facilities, cracks the cover.

Nick Buttino starts to unpack the crate.

The contents of the time capsule.

Thom Gray, Jill Vogel, and Bill Steele examine the contents.

The 1987-88 Student Handbook survived the elements and the test of time! (Photo by Wendy Johnston)




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