Keynote Speaker

        Dr. Stewart Sell                     "The Stem Cell Origin of Cancer"          


Dr. Sell's laboratory is investigating bone marrow derived stem cells to determine if these cells give rise to breast or liver cancer in animals. The lab is also investigating the properties of breast cancer stem cells from transgenic mice and if growth of these can be blocked by small molecular inhibitors or inhibitory RNA. Additionally, Dr. Sell is working to determine if aging can be accelerated in normal mice  by transplantation of bone marrow cells from prematurely aging mice and differences in young and old bone marrow in determining survival after transplantation. Beyond cancer and aging, Dr. Sell is examining the role of a glutathione S-transferase isofrom in aflatoxin metabolism using a knockout mouse model developed in his laboratory.


  • Research Physician, Wadsworth Center, Molecular Diagnostics
  • Senior Scientist, Ordway Research Institute, Inc
  • Professor, School of Public Health, Biomedical Sciences


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