Adirondack Vista

Adirondack Vista is a cohort-based sequence of courses that promotes personal academic success from a more global perspective, including recognition of personal, regional, and world issues. Students will examine how their own lives — including work, school, advertising, and consumer culture — impact personal pathways to achieving goals. As a group, students will engage with contemporary cultural issues in order to come to a deeper understanding of their roles in an increasingly complex world. Credits can be applied to almost any SUNY Adirondack degree.

Fall 2013 courses include:

ENG 101 TR 12:30-1:50 P. Fernbach (CRN 11913)

SOC 101 TR 2-3:20 J. McCarthy (CRN 11960)

HRD 110 R 3:30-4:30 K. O’Sick (CRN 12778)

To learn more about Adirondack Vista, email or call 518-832-7708.
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