Eligibility for Aid

 What do financial aid recipients have in common?  What establishes their eligibility for aid?  The answers are:
  • They are US citizens or eligible non-citizens. (foreign students may apply only for SUNY Adirondack scholarships.)
  • They have earned a high school diploma or GED. (Note: high school students taking SUNY Adirondack courses through the Early Admission program are ineligible for all aid programs)
  • They are enrolled as a matriculated student in a degree or certificate program (see the Admissions section of this website for details on the matriculation process).
  • They are enrolled in at least six semester credits. (Note: only federal Pell grants are available to less-than-half-time students.)
  • They are not in default on any federal student loan nor do they owe a refund on a federal grant.
  • They reapply for financial aid each academic/aid year.

Once a student has begun the financial aid process, by filing the FAFSA,, a Financial Aid administrator will review a student's eligibility to receive aid based on the established regulations for the respective programs.


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