Federal regulations require all schools to establish Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards and review financial aid applicants at least once during an aid year prior to the award and payment of federal funds (grants, loans and work-study).  Based on the number of credit hours attempted, there is an expectation with respect to minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) and credits earned (passed).  This chart represents the current SAP requirements at SUNY Adirondack.

Total Attempted Credits Total Earned Credits Cumulative GPA
0-11 0 0.00
12-23 3 1.00
24-35 12 1.50
36-47 21 1.70
48-59 33 1.70
60-71 45 2.00
72-83 57 2.00
84-96 69 2.00

You can avoid loss of federal financial aid by:

  • minimizing the number of unsuccessful credits - grades of F, W, U  X, or I
  • being aware of where you "fall" on this chart
  • seeking the advice of a Financial Aid administrator when considering a withdrawal from class
  • becoming familiar with all federal regulations related to academic pursuit (see the College catalog for expanded information)

Special Note:  A student will be allowed to change majors no more than four times while in attendance at SUNY Adirondack.  If a student changes majors more than four times he/she will be considered ineligible for federal aid, however, he/she has an option to submit a federal appeal and explain the circumstances that resulted in numerous major changes.






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