Tuition and Fees

2014 - 2015 Tuition and Fee Schedule
Adopted by the Board of Trustees on April 25, 2014

Full-Time Student Tuition (per semester)
(A full-time student is one enrolled 12 credit hours or more)
  Qualified New York State Residents With Residence Certificates $1,935.00
  Out-of-State Residents and Others Without Residence Certificates $3,870.00
Part-Time Student Tuition - (per credit hour)
(A part-time student is one enrolled 1 thru 11 credit hours)
  Qualified New York State Residents Enrolled in ACC courses @ their high schools $ 54.00
  Qualified New York Residents With Residence Certificates $162.00
  Out-of-State Residents and Others Without Residence Certificates $324.00
Summer Student Tuition - (per credit hour)
  Qualified New York Residents with Residence Certificates $162.00
  Out-of-State Residents and Others without Residence Certificates $324.00
Accident Insurance Fees (per semester):
  Students with 7 or more credit hours $2.20
  Students enrolled in NUR101, 102, 103, 104, 200, and 201 $2.20
  Students enrolled in summer session (May 15-Aug. 15) $1.10
Credit by Examination (per credit hour) $35.00
Culinary Arts Fees:  (Classes as specified in College catalog or schedule)   $20.00 - $40.00
DANTES - Exam Administration Fee $25.00
Graduation - Diploma Fee $20.00
  Each additional diploma in the same year $10.00
  Diploma Replacement Fee $10.00
Health and Physical Education Fees $6.00 - $280.00
  (Classes as specified in College catalog or schedule)
Health Science Students
  Nursing Fee - per semester $170.00
  NUR102 - Challenge Test $150.00
  NUR103 - Challenge Test $150.00
  NUR104 - Challenge Test $300.00
Replacement Key $20.00
  (for students enrolled in science laboratory classes)
Tuition Late Payment Fees:
  Full-time student $20.00
  Part-time student $10.00
  Late Registration Reactivation Fee $25.00
Matriculation Fee (non-refundable) $40.00
Meal Plan (per semester) $1,600.00
Media Arts Fees $20.00 - $40.00
Music Fees:
  Private voice lessons (14 half-hour sessions) $120.00
  Private music lessons (14 half-hour sessions) $120.00
  Class Piano, Ensembles, Keyboard Harmony $  30.00
  Supplemental Aural Skills $  30.00
Non-Credit Material Fees:
  Books and/or Materials $5.00 - $550.00
  Processing fee for awarding Continuing Education Unit $15.00
Non-Credit Tuition
  Non-credit tuition varies widely by course, check current offerings for more information
Parking Fee (per semester): $15.00
Parking Fines:
  Zone A - Fines in Visitors and Reserved Areas
    - First Offense $10.00
    - Second Offense $15.00
    - Third Offense $25.00
    - Additional Infractions Zone A $50.00
    Zone B - Fines in Handicap, Roadways, Driveways, Sidewalks, Fire Lanes, No Parking Zones, Grass, Walkways, and Over Painted Parking Controls
      - First Offense $25.00
      - Additional Infractions Zone B $50.00
Proctor Fee (per exam) $25.00
Residence Hall Fee (per semester) $20.00
Return Check Fee (per check) $30.00
Science Lab Course Fee (per class) $30.00
  (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics)
Student Activity Fees (per semester):
  Full-time students $90.00
  Part-time students (per credit hour) $ 7.00
Student I.D. Card (per semester) $2.50
  Replacement (Early Admit Students exempt) $5.00
SUNY Adirondack Application Fee $35.00
Technology Fees (per credit hour): $7.00
  Note: some exceptions may apply to this fee
Transcript Fee (Official Academic) $ 5.00
  Same Day Service $10.00
Vet Tech Program Fee (per course) $50.00
Wellness Fee (all students, per semester) $15.00
International Student And Scholar Health Insurance Plan Fees (added September 26, 2013)
Effective for the Spring 2014 semester, the following fees, which include the Premium, Mandated Taxes and Fees, User Service Charge, and an Administrative Fee charged by SUNY to oversee this Plan will be applicable:
International Inbound Rates (effective January 15, 2014)
Spring (1/15/14 to 06/14/14) TBD
Spring/Summer (1/15/14 to 08/14/14) TBD
Summer/Short Term (5/15/14 to 08/14/14) TBD
Monthly TBD
Short Term Rate (for participant only) with Health/Accident/Medical Evacuation/Repatriation (Up to 16 days) TBD
Study Abroad Rates (effective January 15, 2014)
Monthly (1/15/14 to 08/14/14) TBD
Short Term Rate (for participant only) with Health/Accident/Medical Evacuation/Repatriation (Up to 16 days) TBD
Medical Evacuation/Repatriation Policy
12 Months TBD
6 Months TBD
Monthly TBD
The Medical Evacuation/Repatriation Policy rate is available for eligible students who have provided proof of comparable major medical coverage and who have Completed a Waiver Request Form which is on file on Campus.
The Medical Evacuation/Repatriation Policy is mandatory for all applicable students unless the Student provides a completed Waiver Request Form and proof of comparable major medical coverage. Although a Waiver Request form may be accepted, when traveling abroad, all students who have received a Waiver will be required to purchase this Policy only.
Housing Rates
1PB/1PS - Single Suite Solo (Resident Assistant Only) $4,725.00
1PB/3PS - Standard Suite Single Room (Resident Assistant Only) $4,475.00
2PB/2PS - Single Suite Double Room $3,675.00
2PB/4PS - Standard Suite $3,475.00
3PB/ANY - Triple Room $2,950.00