Faculty Positions

SUNY Adirondack seeks to employ highly capable, professional-level individuals as Adjunct Faculty to teach daytime and evening classes. The minimum education requirements for adjunct positions are as follows:

A Master’s degree in appropriate discipline or a related subject area. Demonstrated commitment to a student-centered classroom environment which values learning, excellence, fairness, freedom of inquiry, and integrity. Applicants should also have experience incorporating various learning styles into their instruction. Excellent writing, interpersonal skills and basic computer skills are required. 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Adjuncts are responsible for all aspects of courses assigned. Sections are scheduled at varying days/times.

SALARY:  $890 per credit hour

We are accepting resumes' in the following areas:



MAT 090 Prealgebra (3 credit hours)

A problem-solving approach that develops the basic mathematical skills necessary to enter MAT 097 Introduction to Mathematical Functions. Topics include review of arithmetic with whole numbers and decimals, arithmetic of fractions and signed numbers, as well as ratios, proportions, percents, power and roots, geometry, graphing and an introduction to algebra. Grading for this course will be on a Pass/Fail basis. Credits earned in this course cannot be applied toward an associate degree or certificate.

MAT 097 Introduction to Mathematical Functions  (3 credit hours)

A study of the introductory concepts of Algebra including algebraic expressions, solving equations and inequalities in one variable, linear relationships, systems of equations, polynomials, and quadratic relationships. Graphic calculators will be used. Grading for this course will be on a Pass/Fail basis. Credits in this course cannot be applied toward an associate degree or certificate. Prerequisite: MAT 090 within 4 years or equivalent.


MAT108 Mathematical Functions ( 3 credit hours)

A continued study of Algebra that develops and extends mathematical power using algebraic, numeric, and graphical techniques. Topics include a study of function, functional families (exponential, logarithmic, rational, etc.), and right triangle trigonometry. Prerequisite: MAT 097 within 4 years or equivalent.

***Knowledge of TI-84+ graphing calculator is required.


Medical/Surgical Clinical Adjunct Faculty positions available for day and evening clinical sessions. At least two years of clinical experiences and a BSN in nursing required, MSN preferred.

Chm103 (Principles of Chemistry) - Adjuncts will teach both lecture and lab for our entry level chemistry course that serves as an entry into college science and health courses. ACS guidelines are used in lab protocols and examination.  Experience in college teaching is preferred, but high school experience will be considered.

Bio212 (Genetics) - Genetics is a course for our Biology oriented Science Majors who are typically in our transfer degree program.  The course involves both lecture and lab components.  We are seeking an adjunct who can present the core material in genetics as well as provide the students with exposure to the most current knowledge in the field.

Bio110 (Introduction to Marine Biology) - Introduction to Marine Biology is a lecture only course for non-science majors, open to all students in the college.  The instructor should have a background in the field, but also be able to convey the information to the described student makeup of the class.


Review of applications will begin immediately. Interested applicants should electronically submit a resume, references and cover letter to apply@sunyacc.edu with area of interest in the subject line. Candidates invited to interview will also be asked to provide official transcripts that verify their academic credentials.