Guatemala - May 2014

INT 204 - Global Health Issues in Guatemala will be offered during the Spring 2014 semester, with tentative travel dates of Saturday May 9 –Sunday May 18, 2014 (may change to the week later to not conflict with graduation – if available by relief agency).  The course outcomes include, but are not limited to:

  • The history and geography of Guatemala
  • The culture, climate and agriculture of Guatemala
  • The health care status of Guatemala
  • Pre-travel planning and post-travel considerations

The intent of this course is to give our nursing students hands on experience caring for indigenous people of Guatemala. The clinic typically sees over 500 patients per clinic week. There are 25-30 surgical procedures performed a week. Nursing students will be working in pre and post op and in the Operating Room. They will be able to work in the intake clinic, pharmacy and help with sterilizing medical equipment. 

For more course information, please contact Professor Healy ( or Professor Rittenhouse (

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