New Culinary Arts Center set to open in Downtown Glens Falls in March 2018

New SUNY Adirondack Culinary Arts Center schematic
December 08, 2017

The latest restaurant in downtown Glens Falls is one for the books.

The new SUNY Adirondack Culinary Center at 14 Hudson Ave. will expand the college’s culinary arts program and provide a high-end dining experience for the community. The college signed a lease on the property in late November.

“The new space will be designed to educate and train the region’s workforce in the thriving local hospitality industry,” said Matt Bolton, instructor of culinary arts.

The facility, which is set to open in March, will take the culinary program to new levels.

“SUNY Adirondack has been increasing enrollment in our culinary arts program for the past few years, and I feel this move downtown will mean a boom in enrollment. The new building will allow us to grow the program’s enrollment and modify our degree offerings with unique occupational courses,” Bolton said.

The move will make it possible for the college to be at the forefront of culinary education in the state. Benefits of the site include a bake shop, a gluten-free restaurant kitchen, 100-person seating for a student-run restaurant, a liquor license and two standard classrooms for lecture-based courses.

“In our current facility, we cannot run more than two classes at a time, and even then, we are on top of each other,” Bolton said. “The new facility will give us access to run our kitchen, bake shop, dining service courses and two lecture courses at the same time.”

Bolton looks forward to the program becoming an integral part of the downtown community.

“The new facility will give us access to the farmers market and the opportunity to interact with local restaurants and community members,” he said.