Student Affairs Office


The Student Affairs Office, on the main floor of the Student Center, is dedicated to fostering student learning, growth and development through challenging and supportive opportunities both in and outside of the classroom.

The Student Affairs Office oversees:
• Accessibility Services
• Veterans Services
• Athletics
• Counseling
• Fitness Center
• Residence Life
• Student Activities

Vision Statement

The Division of Student Affairs will be an integral part of student success and diversity at SUNY Adirondack through the implementation of innovative and demonstrated holistic support programs and initiatives.

  • Utilizing best practices to create opportunities for engagement leading to student success
  • Providing support and resources for all populations of learners
  • Developing effective wellness opportunities
  • Facilitating meaningful leadership experiences
  • Assisting students to overcome non-academic barriers

Contact us:

Jason Enser
Dean for Student Affairs

Kim Hughes
Secretary to the Dean for Student Affairs


Student Accident Insurance Program

Eligibility: All enrolled full-time, part-time and new Summer Session students are covered 24 hours a day for Accidents that occur on campus or at a college-sponsored activity/event.  Please note, if you have private medical insurance coverage in affect already, this coverage will take over where your primary insurance leaves off.

To view the Accident Policy, click HERE.

  • Under Domestic Health
    • Choose Mandatory Student Accident Insurance Policy Certificate
  • To view/print a claim:
    • Click on Claim Form

If you do not have health insurance or your health insurance costs too much, you (students AND non-students) can enroll in health coverage through the New York Health Exchange. Click HERE for more details on the program.

Please do not assume that you cannot afford health insurance-there are many factors which affect the rate you may pay. Other options may be available including assistance through the County in which you maintain your permanent residence.

Do you have questions? Please call their Helpline at 855.355.5777 Monday-Friday between 8 am-8 pm and Saturday between 9 am-1 pm.

The Office of the Dean for Student Affairs provides this information to students, however, if you have specific questions regarding coverage or how to enroll, you will need to call customer service at the above number for assistance.

Download a flier for more information.

Leadership Education And Development

SUNY Adirondack LEAD is a tiered leadership system designed to help students develop into leaders on campus and off. Students are awarded a LEAD status at the end of each academic year, based upon their participation and leadership on campus.

Award recipients will be honored at the Student Life Awards banquet.


SUNY Adirondack LEAD

The program is open to all students, and you can sign up  starting on the first day of classes each semester, and applications are accepted any time during the year.

Students must remain in good academic standing to be a part of the program.

We also accepted nominations from faculty and staff, and the Student Activities Office will notify students who have been nominated.

To sign up, fill out this APPLICATION, and submit it to the Student Activities Office.

Tier One is about self-identifying.

Tier Two is about self-leadership and developing leadership skills.

Tier Three is about understand others.

Tier Four is about leading others.

Students will be recognized at the end of the year during the Student Life Awards banquet.

Tier One students will receive a certificate of achievements.

Tier Two students will receive a certificate of achievement and a book.

Tier Three and Tier Four students will receive a certificate of achievement, a book, a pin, a name on a plaque displayed in the Student Center and medal and/or cords to wear at graduation.

Tier One students must attend two campus involvement programs and one organizational involvement credit as well as complete related outcomes stipulated by the tier.

Tier Two students must complete the all of the requirement of Tier One, plus attend two new campus involvement programs, one new organizational credit and complete the related outcomes stipulated by the tier.

Tier Three students must have completed the requirements for Tiers Two and Three, plus attend two new campus involvement programs, show that they have continued with one of their previous organizational involvement credits, attend two diversity programs, hold one experiential leadership position and complete the related outcomes stipulated by the tier.

Tier Three students must complete all requirements for Tiers One, Two and Three plus attend two new campus involvement programs, show that they have continued with one of their previous involvement credits, attend two new diversity programs, hold two new experiential leadership positions and complete the related outcomes stipulated by the tier.

Once all Tiers have been completed, student must schedule an exit interview with the Student Activities Office.

Campus Involvement Programs are held by various campus groups (Senate, Residential Life, student clubs, etc) to educate and encourage participation on campus.

A Diversity Program articulates the advantages and challenges of a diverse society, combats stereotypes and oversimplification of identity groups, explore privilege and power, develops participants’ understanding of their own multifaceted identities, educates on appropriately challenging the abusive use of stereotypes by others, creates understanding of the impact of prejudice and diversity on one’s own society and/or promotes taking the perspective of another to facilitate understanding.

Credit is given after a Diversity Program assessment is complete, explaining why the program qualifies as a Diversity Program and proof of the program.

Organizational Involvement Credit is given for participation in an organization, team or campus-wide committee. Organizational credit does NOT apply to hourly paid positions or to credit bearing positions. 

To receive this credit, students must complete an Organizational Involvement assessment. 

Experiential Leadership Credit involved holding a position where you must apply the leadership skills you have, that is, holding a leadership position in an organization, team or campus-wide committee. This CAN include paid, compensated or credit-bearing roles. This will be granted after you have completed at least one full semesters in a leadership role AND you have completed an Experiential Leadership assessment.

HRD 111x Foundations of Leadership is a course designed to provide students with general knowledge on leadership. The class covers issues such as historical perspectives and evaluation of leadership; theoretical, philosophical and conceptual foundations of leadership of several cultures; cultural and gender influences on leadership; ethical practices in leadership; moral leadership; and leadership and fellowship.