Accessibility Services

Getting Started

As a college student with a disability, you will need to request your accommodations through the Accessibility Services Office.

STEP 1: Meet with the Director to discuss your accommodations.   

A. Fill out a registration form              

B. Provide documentation supporting your request. 

For most students, "documentation" is your IEP or 504 plan from your high school AND the most recent psychological-educational evaluation.  If this does not apply to you, please read our Documentation Requirements for the acceptable form of documentation to submit.

  STEP 2: Make an appointment with the Learning Specialist to get your accommodation forms.  This step is repeated every semester.  

Note: If you are an individual with a print disability you are eligible for alternate format texts, or also called e-text.  To obtain your e-texts in a timely manner, you should speak with the Learning Specialist as soon as you know your schedule for the following semester.  Be sure to sign up for a free membership to Bookshare where you can get most of your books.


Contact us at 518-743-2282    


or come visit us in Warren Hall


Our office also works with Veterans to certify them with the VA for their educational benefits.  For detailed information click here.


Have you applied to the college yet?  Be sure to see this page.