Advisement Services


How does advising work at SUNY Adirondack?

At SUNY Adirondack, all full-time students are assigned a specific advisor. We offer a variety of advising services designed to meet the diverse needs of our campus community.

All first time, full-time students are required to meet with an advisor prior to starting classes. At this time, the advisor and student will discuss short term and long term goals as well as register for classes. The student's schedule will be determined by their academic major and placement test results.

Meeting with an advisor to plan your courses and ask questions is strongly encouraged for all students. The choices you make for your courses can impact the time it takes you to graduate, your transfer and/or career options and your eligibility for financial aid.

Academic Advising V. Course Registration

Academic Advisement involves planning the courses you will take, but it also includes the ongoing process of learning about your degree requirements, learning and understanding college policies and procedures, and developing a plan to meet your academic goals.

Course Registration refers to the specific time during a semester when students enroll in courses for the upcoming academic term. Generally, course registration happens in April for summer and fall courses and in November for winter and spring.

Ideally, you should meet with someone for academic advisement in advance of your course registration time, or any time you have questions.

How do advisors help students?

Advisors and students work together to determine the best way for students to reach their goals. Advisors do NOT give students courses. They teach students how to manage their degree and enable them to develop realistic goals, values, and career plans.


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