Adirondack Agenda 2.0

Envisioning the Future: The Strategic Plan for 2018-2021


We are the educational provider of choice and pathway to success.


SUNY Adirondack is a teaching- and learning-centered community college, which fosters a diverse, equitable, inclusive learning environment and campus community; offers innovative instructional and student support programs; responds to the educational needs of its community; and serves as a stimulus for economic development, partnerships and leadership.


With student success at the heart of our work, we believe in:

  • Lifelong Learning: Education is transformative through endless learning.
  • Thriving Communities: We are successful when we partner as a community, for the community.
  • Open Access: Higher education opportunities for all, inclusive of diverse backgrounds, ages, goals and learning styles.

Guiding Principles

  1. Student learning occurs in and out of the classroom to prepare students for life in a diverse world.
  2. Programs, services and facilities should be relevant, responsive and sustainable.
  3. Project-management tools and assessment processes are essential to our success.
  4. Engaged employees and strategic management of priorities creates a stronger learning and work community for all.

Strategic Goals

  1. Ready and engaged learners.
  2. Students prepared for life.
  3. Outstanding student-success outcomes.
  4. Relevant and effective services and programs.
  5. Effective and efficient use of modern technology and facilities.
  6. Engaged employees.

Success Measures related to:

  • Student success related to developmental education, campus engagement, Persistence, and progression to graduation
  • Increased transfer and employment success rates
  • Increased offerings for workforce development and training
  • New sources of revenue to support capital and programmatic needs
  • Implementation and increased use of new technologies to support student success
  • Enrollment growth from service area, at extension center in Saratoga county, and of adult learners
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction


  • Increase passed credits in all courses for first-time, full-time students during the fall semester from 67.7% to 72% by Fall 2020
  • Increase % of graduates who transfer within 1 year or are employed from 68% to 83% by 2021
  • Increase the total number of graduates from 667 to 720 by 2021
  • Increase the fall-to-fall retention rates for first-time, full-time students from 62% to 67% by 2020-2021
  • Increase the enrollment of adult learners (ages 25+) from 849 to 1,032 by Fall 2021


Developing the Adirondack Agenda 2.0: Building on our successes, envisioning our future

In 2014, the college adopted The Adirondack Agenda as its 3-year strategic plan. Four directions were identified, with 16 goals to prescribe much of our work to date.

As a result of the work of so many across the college, we have strengthened our infrastructure through increased student support services; added eight new academic programs and 11 new transfer pathways; created stronger partnerships with K-12 and workforce leaders; launched a new website and digital media marketing activities; constructed, renovated and relocated nearly 90,000 square feet of teaching and student support spaces; and secured millions of new dollars to support our efforts.

The successes are many, with more students graduating than ever and wide community support through partnerships and philanthropic efforts. The SUNY Adirondack of today is a thriving, mission-focused community college that exemplifies success through the stories we tell and the students we teach.

Throughout the summer, fall and winter of 2017 and 2018, we examined our successes and gaps, reviewed external trends and engaged with more than 100 campus community members, our governing bodies, external stakeholders and funders and our senior leadership team to develop this next plan, titled ADK Agenda 2.0. This iteration, much like the evolution of technology, builds off the successes of the previous. During development we sought input on three statements.

If we accomplish our mission, our students will _______________

If we accomplish our mission, our employees will ______________

If we accomplish our mission, our programs, services and facilities will ____________

We refined our core values, defined some guiding principles for our work and drafted six strategic goals for the college and 18 measures we will use at the institutional level to mark our progress.

Our faculty and staff continue to dedicate themselves to educating lifelong learners. The transformative value of an educated citizenry is critical in an evolving, diverse world that thrives with critical thinkers, problem solvers and civically engaged people.

I hope you will join us in this effort in whatever capacity you represent.


Kristine D. Duffy, Ed.D., President