Capital Campaigns

Reach New Heights, the Campaign for SUNY Adirondack donors will be posted on this site after the public kick-off the campaign in October 2016.  

J. Buckley Bryan, Jr. ACC '87, '94 Regional Higher Education Center Donor List

Trustee Society - $100,000 and above

J. Buckley Bryan, Jr.

J. Buckley Bryan, Jr. - In Memory of Charles James Mooney

John R. and Jacqueline K. Buchanan

Michael T. and JeanAnn Dennis

Joan and By Lapham - In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Westcott

Stewart's Shops

SUNY Plattsburgh

The Charles R. Wood Foundation

The Kresge Foundation


President's Circle - $50,000 - $99,999

AngioDynamics, Inc.

Collins Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Faculty Student Association of ACC

Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Co.

Tom and Sally Hoy

Thomas H. Lapham - In Memory of Maurice Hoopes and Polly Beeman

Michele P. and Thomas J. Ross


Dean's Club - $25,000 - $49,999

The Adirondack Trust Company

Bartlett Pontiff Stewart Rhodes PC

J. Buckley Bryan, Jr. - In Honor and Memory of John Bernard Buckley

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Hoopes

JMZ Architects and Planners, PC


Professor Level - $10,000 - $24,999

Adirondack Community College Student Senate

Anonymous Donor - In Memory of Walter H. Hagen

Behan Communications, Inc.

Sandra and Nick Buttino

Kathie and Brian Duncan

Robert and Lydia Edwards

Fenimore Asset Management, Inc.

Glens Falls Foundation

Emerson W. Hibbard Ph.D.; Chair of the Adirondack Senior College Fund DTD 11-17-82

The LA Group, PC

Kenneth and Margaret Linton

Paul and Suzanne McPhillips - In the Name of W. Joseph and Margery F. McPhillips

National Grid

Jill and Larry Paltrowitz

Price Chopper's Golub Foundation

Joan and Alan Rhodes

Verizon Foundation

Wright Family Foundation


Student Level -$5,000 - $9,999

Barbara and Carl R. DeSantis, Sr.

Paul and Tammy Dowen

Faculty Association of ACC

GE Foundation

Rotary Club of Glens Falls

Robert and Priscilla Joy

W. Joseph McPhillips, Inc.

NBT Bank

Quantum Engineering Company, PC

Ronald Stewart - In Memory of Wendy Isobel Nicol Stewart

TD Charitable Foundation

Dr. Bob and "Sisty" Westcott


Timberwolf -$1,000 - $4,999

ACC Network Members

Laura M. Albert

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Andrukiewicz

Kevin Ankeny

Dr. Chandler Atkins

AWS Truewind-Bruce Bailey

Richard J. Bartlett

Bates Industries  - Chuck and Rose Bates

Leigh Beeman

Darla J. Belevich

Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Buck

Mark and Claire Bulmer

Dan and Cindy Burke

Professor Michael Carpenter

Annina M. Carter

Aileen C. Clarke - In Memory of Dr. E. Yale Clarke

Dr. Andrew Costa

Paul and Margaret Curtis

Joseph and Sara Cutshall-King

Catherine Dillon

Dr. Norman A. Enhorning - In Memory of Pamela Firth

Al and Maryann Faller

Peter and Mimi FitzGerald

George and Beatrice Frost

Peter L. Girard

Robert E. Golden

Barbara Green

Paul J. Gruber

Dennis and Lynn Harris

Bob Harris

Kelli Hatin

Kevin G. Hayes

Ronald and Laurie Heacock

Dr. and Mrs. Ted Huntington

Dr. Sheldon and Karen Hurst

Wendy L. Johnston

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Judge

David and Patricia Kruczlnicki

Joan M. Kubricky

Roger and Lena Lafontaine

Tim Lahey

Mary Prunty LaPann

Jonathan C. Lapper

Terry P. Lawrence - In Memory of Earl Jennings

Mark and Lisa Lebowitz

William F. Long III

David Matthews

Marcia McCormack

Phillip C. McIntire

Richard and Mary Merrill

Dr. D. H. Minkel

Dave and Betsy Moynehan

Matthew H. Muller

D. Michael Niles

Dari and Rich Norman

Mal O'Hara

Susan M. Perry

Patricia and Jim Pietropaolo

Paul E. and Judy Pontiff

Mary and Benjamin R. Pratt, Jr.

Alan and Dorie Redeker

Cynthia Schenone

Schoder Rivers Associates, PC

Helen E. Silverstein - In Memory of Saul Silverstein

Jane, Beth, and John Stewart

Susan Trumpick

Joe and Pam Vogel

Patricia E. Watkins


Mountaineer -$500 - $999

Ball Corporation

Paula Nadeau Berube

Dr. Marshall and Jackie Bishop

Carey Insurance Agency

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Champagne - In Memory of David Champagne

The Chronicle


Robert A. Francomano, M.D.

George and Eileen Haynes

Dr. Shelle K. Kelz & Arnold Abrams

Marjorie Layden - In Memory of Herbert D. Brock

Keith P. McAfee, PE

Robert S. McMillen

Marjorie Moeller

Maureen Reilly

Helen Snyder `79

Karen Stites

Brandy Tennyson

Nancy and Rick Wilson


Friend of ACC - below $500

Craig Anderson `64

Christopher and Viki Anderson

Timothy C. Badger - In Memory of Elmer Baldwin

Margaret Bagnardi

Barbara Oatman Beatty `63 - In Memory of Dr. Eisenhart

Steve and Molly Bederian

Cheryl L. Birkeland - In Memory of Nicole Jenkins

Stefanie DiLallo Bitter

Richard and Linda (Conlon) Bleibtrey

R. Harry Booth

Sallie A. Brandt

Levi and Jacqueline Brown - In Memory of Robert Hutchinson

James R. Burkett

David J. Call

David and Dana Cann

Patricia A. Carte

Kathleen Cheney

James E. Clark, Jr.

Sommer-Lynn Cross

Diane Dalto

Brenda L. Danio

Beth A. Donohue

Paul and Kathleen Dusek

Sari and David Erlanger

Gary W. Evens

Beth Faller

Anthony P. and Donna Farrar

Mabel S. Foster, D. Min., `68 - In Honor of Darren James Hyatt

Stephen and Nancy French

Bonni Garvey

Shireen Gazzillo-Sluck - In Memory of Phillip M. Gazzillo

Sharon C. Geerts

Kevin and Kathleen Geraghty

Barbara Gerber

Arleen Girard

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Godfrey

Gail Gonyo

Dannica Greene

Romaine and Jack Guzi

Susan and Robert Hahm

James R. Harrison

Peter M. Hart

Scott R. Hartung

Mary Haydock

Donna J. Healy

Margaret and David Hodgson

Susan Huntley

Joan H. Ide `04 - In Honor of Martha and Sandy Searleman

John Jenkins

Teresa Kaye

Marjorie Kelly

Joanne Kubricky

Scott Lane

Don Lilley

Christine Lisk

Gerald and Joanne Loftus

Jeffrey Lourinia

Bruce and Anita MacDonald - In Memory of Lynne MacDonald

William J. Madison - In Memory of Andrew and Clarabelle Madison

Steven Mann - In Memory of George E. Mann

Girard Marcino

Patricia Marks

Mary Anne Martindale

Dr. Paul Mazur

P. Kathleen McCoy, Ph.D. - In Honor of Dr. Patricia Duncan

Ray McKinney

Donald P. McPhee

Carrie and Phillip Menard - In Memory of Dorothy Pickel

Beth Meyer

Mrs. Walter F. Moeller, Jr.

John Morabito

Colleen Murray

Bela and Elaine Musits

Robert E. Myers, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Naftaly

Jeanne Nivard

Mary Ann Norton

Dennis O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien

Jeannine and David O'Connell - In Memory of William L. Merritt, Sr.

Terry and John O'Kane

Kate O'Sick and Paul Johnson

Gerhard Pagels

M. Painter - In Memory of My Electronics Teacher

Mark Parfitt

Pepe Productions

Rich and Christine Phaneuf

Paul Phillips

Ann Pletcher

Jeffrey Podolec

Debbie Porter

Gail Powers

Janice and William Preece

Mark Purinton

Kelley J. Ramsey

Leslie Rathbun

Bert Rawert

Robert A. Regan

Kevin and Regina Rielly

Alice M. Rodd - In Memory of Rita Petrusa

Mr. Steven A. Ropitzky

Gino Ruggi

Arlene Sabo

Margaret L. Sandora

Suzanne Scott

David and Sally Sheldon

Kathleen A. Sherman

Betsy Kline Shinego

Carolyn B. Slack

Snow, Eicher, Farrar & Co., LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sokol

John F. Strough III

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Tallon

Linda Thomas

Tom and Kim Thomas

Kathleen Sparling Turcotte

Margaret Valis

Rita Westhoff

Diana Williams

Jim and Karen Woodard

Gordon Woodworth

Ben Zadrozny


Donors to the Campaign for the Wilton Center



The Philly & Charlie Dake Foundation

Winners Circle $100,000 and up

Faculty-Student Assoc. of SUNY Adirondack  in memory of Professor Annina M. Carter

Top of the Stretch $50,000 - $99,999

The Wright Family Foundation, Inc.

Top of the Stretch 

The Saratoga Foundation

Clubhouse $ 25,000 - 49,999 

The Glens Falls Foundation

Grandstand $10,000 - $24,999

Diane W. Dalto  in honor of her daughter Alexandra K. Dalto

At the Rail $5,000 - $9,999

SUNY Adirondack Student Senate

At the Rail

Kathie and Brian Duncan

Starting Gate $1,000 - $4,999

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Judge

Starting Gate

Joan Lapham

Starting Gate

Alan and Dorie Redeker

Starting Gate

Sue Trumpick

Starting Gate

R. Harry and JoAnne Booth

The Paddock $500 - $999

Faculty Association of SUNY Adirondack

The Paddock

D. Michael Niles and Connie Gerarde Niles

The Paddock

Tim Badger

The Backstretch - up to $499

Mark Bulmer

The Backstretch

Patrick M. Canavan

The Backstretch

Barbara DeSantis

The Backstretch

Brian Durant

The Backstretch

Robert A. Francomano

The Backstretch

Arleen V. Girard

The Backstretch

Dr. Ronald C. Heacock

The Backstretch

Mrs. Joanne Loftus

The Backstretch

Keith and Kelley McAfee

The Backstretch

Ray and Cheryl McKinney

The Backstretch

Mr. and Mrs. Paul McPhillips

The Backstretch

John Morabito

The Backstretch

Gloria and Mal O'Hara

The Backstretch

Rachael Hunsinger Patten

The Backstretch

Patricia Pietropaolo, PhD

The Backstretch

Ron Stewart

The Backstretch

John F. Strough

The Backstretch

Jason Tommell

The Backstretch

Diana R. Williams

The Backstretch


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