Memorial Giving

Memorial donations received between July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016


Timothy C. Badger in memory of Elmer Baldwin
Beth and Mac Edwards in memory of Patricia Campbell
  George Champion
  Jerry Dean
  Katherine Duffy
  Doris Dunn
  Robert Goodwin
  Frederick K. Heighton
  Michael Jarvis
  Dick MacDonald
  Robert Munger
  Michael O'Leary
  George J. Zurlo
Dr. Norman A. Enhorning in memory of King Frazer
  Emerson Hibbard
Harry Lowe in recognition of A Nicholas Buttino
Robert E. Myers Jr. in memory of Emerson Hibbard
Schmid, Broaddus, Nugent & Gano, P.C. in memory of Emerson Hibbard
Sanford and Martha Searleman in memory of Emerson Hibbard
Bonnie M. Yanklowitz in memory of Hans Cherney



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