Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid Office

  • Location:
    Warren Hall Room 130
  • Hours:
    Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Contact Information:
    Phone (518) 743-2223
    Fax (518) 743-2314

Self Service Banner

Your Self Service Banner account can be used to answer many of your questions.  Students are encouraged to login on a regular basis so they are familiar with their financial aid status.

  • One of the most useful sections of Self Service Banner is the 'Award' section – you can review your aid eligibility, accept offered awards, and confirm your TAP application has been processed by New York State.  For more information regarding how to navigate this screen, including instructions on how to accept any pending awards, please see Banner Instructions.
  • The 'Requirement Tracking' tab will answer questions about the receipt of your FAFSA record or outstanding requirements (e.g., verification materials, copy of DD-214, or social security card) needed prior to the review of your application.
  • The 'Financial Aid History' section will show aid received in 2007-2008 and beyond, including your past and current loan history.
  • You can see how your aid is applied to your semester tuition and fee charges in the 'Student Accounts' section of Banner on the 'Account Detail by Term' screen.

SUNY Smart Track Financial Literacy

Paying for a college education is a huge financial commitment.  To assist SUNY students with making informed financial decisions before, during and after college, New York State has created a free Financial Literacy service called SUNY Smart Track.

SUNY Smart Track will assist you every step of the way, from the time that you apply to college to after graduation.  SUNY Smart Track is an online learning environment that empowers students for a lifetime of financial success.  SUNY Smart Track provides interactive services, tools and resources to help educate students to achieve smart money management skills.

SUNY Smart TrackSM

SUNY Smart Track

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