Andrew McMahon


I graduated high school in 2008 and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. I learned a lot about the industry but the program was more of a commercial program than a fine arts program, which was not what I was hoping for. In 2009 my stepfather lost his job and my family was going through some hard times, so I decided to leave school and come back home. I went right to work and attempted to also attend SUNY Adirondack. I couldn’t seem to balance work with a full-time class schedule at that time; so, I decided to put school on hold.

I found myself working as a professional latte artist! It was fun for a while, but, before I knew it, I hit the ceiling at my job. Around that same time, I was gettingout of a relationship. I took a good loo k at my life, and I just questioned what I was doing. I knew I had so much more potential.

I enrolled at SUNY Adirondack and decided to pursue a degree in Creative Writing. I just happened to see International Relations in the course book and I thought to myself how fun that sounded. I don’t know if it was that class, Professor Wendy Johnston or just my love of politics, but it was the perfect storm! I started maneuvering my course work so that I could take every political science course that I possibly could. I became obsessed with pursuing this idea that

I could do something in politics that would help people some day. I graduate this May and I have taken just about every politics course that is offered here.

I even tutor history and political science 8 hours per week because I am just so fascinated with politics. I selfishly love tutoring because it allows me to guide students through topics that I love talking about and am so fascinated with. It has also opened my eyes to the possibility of teaching some day.

I am president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society on campus. Prior to myself and several other members joining this semester, the club was not active here. It’s an amazing experience because it opens up the world of scholarships to community college students. Students who achieve academic excellence can get scholarships to continue their education at 4-year colleges and universities. My goal for this semester is just to get people asking who we are as a club, so that hopefully, someone will continue my work after I graduate.

I am currently interning for Matt Funiciello For Congress congressional campaign. New York’s 21st Congressional District is a huge congressional district from Plattsburgh down to just north of Saratoga. I was swept up in the campaign cycle that is happening right now and decided to go to a meeting for the Warren County Green Party with a friend of mine. I saw a great opportunity and decided to seize the moment. I approached Matt about a possible internship and he asked me to create a poster for him. I jumped on the opportunity to prove myself and show that I could be trusted with this task and I got myself the internship!

I haven’t decided which school I will be transferring to just yet, but I know that I want to have a really long career in politics; possibly even internationally. There are so many opinions and voices surrounding politics right now; some frustrating and some exciting. As someone who studies the finer mechanics of politics and has a love for it, I just wish these conversations would happen all the time and not just every 4 years.”

Andrew McMahon
South Glens Falls, NY
Creative Writing, Class of 2016
SUNY Adirondack President, Phi Theta Kappa