Bookstore Loan Advance Application


  • Student must have approved Loans
  • Student must NOT be eligible for Federal Pell
  • Student must be registered in the term
  • Student must have a valid certificate of residence on file
  • Student must have excess funds available after paying tuition, fees and housing
  • Student must have no outstanding prior balance with SUNY Adirondack
  • Student must submit an application to Student Accounts each semester

You can view the amount of this advance on your Self Service Banner anytime under the Student Accounts tab. Please note that you will only be charged for the actual amount spent at the campus bookstore. You must apply for the bookstore loan advance each semester.

If the student becomes ineligible for financial aid, the bookstore charges will be the responsibility of the student.


$750 Full-time (12+ credits)

$560 ¾ time (9-11 credits)

$375 ½ time (6-8 credits)

$185 less than ½ time (1-5 credits)

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