Brightspace Known Issues

UPDATED: September 29, 2022

Known Issue Details

ISSUE: Delays in updating student enrollments (drops & withdrawals)

There is an issue that is causing SUNY to delay unenrolling some students from courses in Brightspace, after the course has been dropped in Banner. We are still working with SUNY to have them resolve this issue.

Removing students from Brightspace Rosters

If a student has dropped or withdrawn a class in Banner and that changed has not been made in Brightspace after one (1) business day, the student or faculty member is asked to:

We will check the SUNY Online Help Desk tickets regularly during add/drop. Even if the SUNY Online Help Desk cannot help you, someone from SUNY Adirondack will follow up with you on any courses that were added or dropped that are not appearing correctly in Brightspace this semester. 

ISSUE: Replying to email that was sent through Brightspace

Brightspace sends notifications to student and faculty email addresses. However, in order to reply to that message you will need to log in to Brightspace to reply to the message.

Students - If you receive an email in your wolfmail inbox sent to you from your instructor through Brightspace, and you reply from wolfmail, the message will not be delivered. You should log back into Brightspace, check your messages there by clicking on the envelope icon along the top and reply there in order to ensure your message is delivered.