Personal Enrichment

View our current Personal Enrichment course offerings. The Office of Continuing Education offers learning opportunities for people of all ages. The short-duration, non-credit classes encourage lifelong learning and offer community members a place to explore their personal interests and make new friends. Class topics include but are not limited to:


Motorcycle Instruction

Learn how to ride a motorcycle with courses taught by the nationally certified Adirondacks and Beyond Motorcycle Safety RiderCoaches. Motorcycle registrations must be done through the Adirondacks and Beyond Motorcycle Safety website. Interested students may view the available courses online or call 518.668.5589 for more information. Course offerings, occurring mid-week and on the weekends, from April through October, may include:

  • Basic RiderCourse (BRC I for License Waiver)
  • Basic RiderCourse II (BRC II)
  • Basic RiderCourse II (BRC II for License Waiver)
  • Introduction to Motorcycle Experience (IME)
  • Advanced RiderCourse (ARC)

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Never Stop Learning

View our current Never Stop Learning course offerings.

Are you interested in begin a Never Stop Learning volunteer?

Volunteers assist in a variety of ways:

  • By helping Continuing Education locate new and interesting places for classes and tours.
  • By taking attendance and managing evaluations at offsite classes and tours.
  • By providing valuable feedback and insight on Never Stop Learning programming.

Volunteers who arrange classes and assist with attendance attend those classes for free!

Contact Yvonne Goodwin, Coordinator of Community Enrichment, at or 518.743.2225 to learn more.

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International Education

Community members may participate in international education offerings on a space-available basis through the Office of Continuing Education. SUNY Adirondack offers international education courses that include trips to many countries throughout the world. These three- or four-credit INT 204 courses begin in either the fall or spring semesters with travel occurring over winter, summer or spring breaks. The one-week or two-week travel experience portion of the course allows students to safely engage in the cultures of other nations.

Community member course registration occurs through the Office of Continuing Education; community members must pay tuition plus travel fees and health insurance fees. View upcoming international education trips at:

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