CRW Policies

  • Check In: All clients must check in at the Reception Desk.
  • Tardiness: If a client is more than 10 minutes late to a session, the session will be marked as Missed. The consultant is then free to take Drop In clients.
  • Missed Sessions: If a client misses three sessions, s/he will no longer be allowed to schedule appointments at the CRW. S/he will be welcome, however, to utilize Drop In services.
  • Proof of Sessions: All sessions are recorded in WCOnline. Clients can print or take screen shots of session reports. All information, including consultant’s first name, date, time, and a brief summary, will be included on these reports.

* Special notice: Appointments at the CRW are part of a students academic record and are covered by FERPA protections. We have student employees who work in the center and they cannot certify a students attendance at the CRW.  All attendance requests should be directed to Director, Dr. Khristeena Lute.