Individual Studies: Sport Management Concentration

SUNY Adirondack offers a two-year Associate in Arts (AS) degree in Liberal Arts Humanities & Social Sciences: Individual Studies – Sport Management concentration to assist students in transferring to a four-year college.

The degree path combines business and general education coursework to prepare students for transfer to obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences from SUNY Cortland. In addition, through Health and Wellness and Elective credits, students may enroll in physical education or college sport courses. A liberal arts background, coupled with coursework in management, marketing, accounting, economics and human resource management, will provide the necessary foundation for the student’s interest in the sport industry. Sports are a dynamic growth industry, in the United States and worldwide, and can significantly contribute to an institution’s or region’s economic viability.    


  • Business Club
  • Timber Talkers Toastmasters
  • Mock Interview & Resume Review Program
  • Business Resource Center
  • Tutoring for Business Courses
  • Business Alumni Outreach Program
  • Ability to participate in intramural and intercollegiate athletics
  • Internship Opportunities

* The Sport Management concentration is slated to be eliminated, effective in the Fall 2021 semester. Students can finish the concentration within the allotted time or complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences: Individual Studies AS degree on a schedule that works best for them. 





          The Liberal Arts and Sciences: Individual Studies – Sport Management Concentration is designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year college or university, including but not limited to the many institutions that SUNY Adirondack cooperates with to maintain seamless transfer agreements such as: 

          • SUNY Cortland
          • SUNY Empire College

          This program prepares students for further education and eventual careers in the fields of:

          • professional sports teams
          • colleges and universities
          • recreational departments
          • sports marketing firms
          • event managers
          • facility managers
          • sports economists
          • financial, promotional or informational experts

          Program Learning Outcomes

          1. Develop sufficient background in a discipline to qualify for upper level study.
          2. Demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to think critically.
          3. Employ effective communication skills, both written and verbal.
          4. Articulate the presence and influence of diversity within societies such as the United States and those in Western Europe, as well as throughout the world.
          5. Demonstrate the skills and knowledge related to personal health and fitness, life-long sports, and recreational wellness.
          6. Examine expression and the creative process in one or more of the areas of humanities.
          7. Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method. 
          8. Identify basic factors relevant to the analysis of human behavior.
          9. Demonstrate an understanding of quantitative literacy.