SUNY Adirondack offers a two-year Associate in Science (AS) degree in Music.

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Musicians are creative professionals occupying many roles in today’s music industry, roles such as: composers, music therapists, professional performers, producers, teachers and engineers.


The Music degree allows students to learn what they love. Students are exposed to a variety of musical genres and instruments that will award them the experience they need to understand and explore their future career possibilities. Students will combine program specific electives with a full complement of music training, including:

  • aural skills
  • keyboard
  • harmony
  • music theory
  • music literature

This program also features practical skill development through courses like music business, sound recording/engineering, fret board harmony and improvisation.


SUNY Adirondack offers small class sizes and access to dedicated faculty who have years of real-world experience composing, performing and recording music. Students also gain the opportunity to enroll in the college’s pre-music sequence program and one or more performance ensembles.

In addition, access to private lessons, transfer advisement and mirroring of a typical four-year degree are advantages to students in SUNY Adirondack’s Music degree.


* The Music major is slated to be eliminated, effective in the Fall 2021 semester. Students can finish the degree within the allotted time or complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences AA or AS degree on a schedule that works best for them. 







          The two-year Music program is designed as a launching point for students wishing to further their education and ultimately work in today’s music industry. Possible career paths for graduates of this program include:

          • Music Performance
          • Music Education
          • Sound Recording Engineering
          • Music Therapy
          • Arts Management

          SUNY Adirondack’s Music degree will prepare students for transfer to a variety of four-year colleges or universities to complete a bachelor’s in music. Students have the option of seamlessly transferring to:

          • The College of Saint Rose
          • Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam
          • SUNY Fredonia
          • Berkeley College of Music
          • and more

          Program Learning Outcomes

          1. Distinguish a basic set of vocabulary that is appropriate to the serious study of music
          2. Identify, in aural and written formats, historical characteristics, styles, genres, and works within the standard repertoire of western art music.
          3. Identify key composers from throughout the history of western art music.
          4. Analyze compositions and excerpts from standard theory texts and pieces that are appropriate to the sophomore level of study within the music major.
          5. Compose several short works and one multi—movement work (sonata) in traditional classical forms through more contemporary forms.
          6. Sight read and harmonize melodies on the piano utilizing basic chord progressions and variation techniques.
          7. Identify, write and sing melodic and harmonic material appropriate to the sophomore level of study within the music major.
          8. Demonstrate a solid foundation in the depth and breadth of the art of conducting.
          9. Perform at the appropriate level on the major instrument/voice as a soloist and member of performing ensembles.