Accessibility FAQS (FACULTY)

Legal Requirements

A variety of services are offered to students with disabilities through Accessibility Services. Adjunct and full-time faculty are legally required to assist in accommodating students with disabilities to guarantee equal access to the programs and activities of the college.


Are all students with disabilities registered with the Accessibility Services Office?

No. It is entirely the student’s decision as to whether they will self-identify themselves to our office and/or request academic adjustments or support services.


How do I know if one of my students is registered with the Accessibility Services Office?

Once a student has been approved for academic adjustments through our formal review process, a letter will be sent to them via their college email account.

The student will decide which courses/instructors that they wish to share this information with and will either forward a copy of the letter to their instructor(s) via email or meet with their instructor during office hours to present a hard copy of the letter.

We highly encourage students to meet with their instructors “face to face” to promote and foster communication regarding the students’ needs and progress through the semester.