Accessibility FAQs (Students)

I’m a student with a disability. How do I receive accommodations in college?

Students who wish to obtain accommodations may notify the college by contacting the Accessibility Services Office by phone, email or in person at our main office in Scoville Learning Center on the Queensbury campus. Once a student identifies him/herself as a student with a disability, and believes he/she is eligible for accommodation, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with the director or coordinator of Accessibility Services.
  2. At the meeting provide documentation which adheres to the standards.
  3. Complete and return an Accessibility Services registration form. This form is designed to help the Accessibility Services Office develop an initial understanding of each student’s strengths and needs and to provide the student with the opportunity to make specific accommodation requests.
    While students can request a particular type of accommodation, it is SUNY Adirondack that determines how to meet a particular need.


Can the Accessibility Office Staff provide testing to determine if I have a disability?

No. Comprehensive and detailed information documenting a psychological, medical or physical disability and the need for services just be certified by a licensed physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, neurologist, speech pathologist or other appropriate professional.

SUNY Adirondack reserves the right to determine the nature and extent of accommodations, this additional documentation may be requested to assist in identifying appropriate accommodations.


Does the Accessibility Services Office offer tutoring support?

The ASO Office does not offer tutoring services. However, tutoring is available to students at both the Queensbury and Wilton locations. A tutoring lab brochure is published each semester.


Does the ASO offer time management and organizational skill training?

Yes, our staff is very willing to tailor specific training/organizational meetings around your needs. Organizational skills meetings are very helpful, especially at the beginning of each semester to review and plan around your course syllabi.