Gabe MicGlire


"I received my associate degree here in 2014 and will be graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury in a couple of weeks with my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I am actually the Plattsburgh liaison for Student Senate, which is really great because I still get to be a part of SUNY Adirondack while getting my degree from another school.

I’m from Warrensburg, but I have been living in the residencehall since I started here; and for the past two years I have been a Resident Assistant. It has been a great experience; my favorite part is getting a new group of students each year and that it is an ever-changing environment.

Our new Residence Hall Director has been great and is doing a stellar job, so I think it will only get better. 

The business professors here have had a significant influence on me and so has Heather from Student Activities. Heather is awesome and is all about getting students involved. If she reaches out to you and you extend a hand back, you will have a really great experience here.

We are doing our first-ever Color Run on campus. I’m involved as both a Resident Assistant and part of Student Senate. We have a little over 260 registrants right now and hopefully we can get up to 300."

Gabe MicGlire
Warrensburg, NY
Business Administration, Class of 2014

Business Administration, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury, Class of 2016