Report of Giving

Valued contributions

We are grateful for the support of our community, hundreds of friends, business leaders, foundations, faculty and staff who contributed to our success.

There is a direct correlation between education and economic prosperity. Your generosity has furthered the college's mission, taking SUNY Adirondack to greater heights as it strengthens the local economy and workforce. Every dollar helps keep our local talent in the region by creating new opportunities for training and partnerships with area businesses.

Our Report of Giving is organized by campaign and special designation.

Report of Giving

President's Circle
Alan and Dorie Redeker
Cailie Currin and Margaret Jones
Adirondack Foundation - Margaret A. Prime Memorial Fund
Paul Tomlinson

Leadership Circle $1,000 - $2,499
Rodney Johnson
J Lawrence Paltrowitz - Bartlett, Pontiff, Stewart & Rhodes PC
Tom and Michele Petit Ross
Don & Marybeth Tenne
David T. Wallingford

Leadership Circle $1,000 - $2,499
Rodney Johnson
J Lawrence Paltrowitz - Bartlett, Pontiff, Stewart & Rhodes PC
Tom and Michele Petit Ross
Don & Marybeth Tenne
David T. Wallingford

Sponsor $250 - $499
Brian and Kathie Duncan
Kris and John Duffy
Ecolab Foundation
Lâle Davidson
Richard J. Ferguson
Richard W. Frasier
Mr. and Mrs. Dirck Harrison
Martha Mann
John Otrembiak
Carolyn Bishop Slack
Donald F. Lilley
Dr. Chandler W. Atkins
Gerhard F. Pagels
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Barton
The Canavan Family (Patrick and Julie Canavan, Mrs. Susanna Canavan)
Paul and Tammy Dowen and Family
Keith and Donna Healy
David Kaiser
Roger and Lena Lafontaine
Ken Petrie-Tubbs
Alan R. Rhodes
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Saunders

Supporter $100 - $249
Dr. Stuart Bartow
Cailie Currin and Margaret Jones
Timothy C. Badger
Michael Huggins
Anson S. Piper
Michael and Sandra Raymond
Betsy Kline Shinego
Amy Salvati
Kate O'Sick and Paul Johnson
Rick and Margaret Jones
Diana Ritchie Williams
Carol E. Runge
Todd Joseph
Henry Traverso
Scott Lane
Stuart Alan
Timothy C. Badger
Margaret Bagnardi
Mr Stuart Bennett
Bruce D. Bevins
James and Christine Brown
William and Elaine Buckton
Dr John Bulova
Ernie Danforth
Michael and Carmen Della Bella
Gary and Kaaren Evens
Tedd Firth
Susan Hahm
Deann W. Harrington
Mark and Cheryl Hoffman
Scott Hopkins
Ted and Elaine Huntington
Susan Huntley
Ed and Bev Kerr
David and Barbara Krogmann
Mikiko Kurosaka
Harry Lowe
Jeffrey M. Many, CPA
Richard and Madeline Mead
Tony J. Poulos
Jane F. Quackenbush
Robert E Sharp
Jill and Fred Vogel
Dan and Harriet Way
Rick and Nancy (Parrish) Wilson

Friend $50 - $99
Michael and Stephanie Angelucci
Richard Bentley
Bruce and Marie Bocchi
Linda J. Burch
Janice Canavan
Mr. and Mrs. Rand Condell
Jack and Toni Engel
Joyce E. Falkenbury
Pamela Frazier
Howard P. Fritz, MD
Kenneth M. Glasier
Pauline Governale
William H Haessly
Claudia K. Hayes
Gerald E. Howe
Preston Jenkins Jr
KeyBank Foundation
Dedra Kneeshaw
Erinn C. Kolligian
Capt Evan C. Love, P.E.
Dr. and Mrs. Denis Lusignan
Mary Beth Maranville
Peter Marino
Dr. Kathleen McCoy and Robert L. Medve
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson L. Miller
Bob and Julie Myers
Debra L. Porter
Lynne Porter
Richard J. Reisman, DMD
Wendy L. Rhodes
Stephen C. Ross
Maryann and Tim Seeley
Richard and Angela Spackmann
John C. Tanner
The Chronicle
Deborah R. Thomsen
Drs Riza and Jacquiline Touba
Larry Weaver
Rita J. Westoff
Rachel and Ron Zimmerman, Jr.

Donor Roll up to $49
Victoria Agresta
Eleanor Allen
David W. Baird
Joyce Barker
Linda R. Barrett
Mark Belden
Mr. William E. Bombard
Donald Bourdon
Laura Chapman
Kathleen Cheney
Jane F. Conners
Brenda L. Danio
Susan C. Dean
James Dempsey
Betty A. Dolback
Beth and Mac Edwards
Rebecca  Edwards
Michaela Albanese Finkelstein
Mary C Firman
Stephen French
Cindy Fronhofer
Keith and Cathy Hall
Keith and Donna Healy
Rachael Hunsinger Patten
Mary Catherine Johnson
Doug Koos
Girard Marcino
Tom and Michele Marcotte
Mary Anne Martindale
Maynard D. Baker Funeral Home
Matthew McKay
Joyce A. Miller
Janet L. Ross
Lesley Ives Ross
Georgianna Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. J Thomas Ryan
Margaret L. Sandora
Mrs Joyce M Smith
Robert A. Smith
Frank Sollosy
Maureen Stinchcombe
Susan Trumpick
Nancy Meyer Weiss
James M. Zanella
Cynthia Zielaskowski




In memory of Elmer Baldwin: Timothy C. Badger
In memory of Lucille Baldwin: Timothy C. Badger
In honor of Beth A. Faller: Stuart Alan
In memory of Elaine Faller: Wendy L. Rhodes, Georgianna Ryan, Susan Trumpick, Jill and Fred Vogel, Cynthia Zielaskowski
In memory of Pamela G. Firth: Tedd Firth
In memory of King Frazer: Beth and Mac Edwards
In memory of Ethel M. Johnson: Rodney Johnson
In memory of Roger M. Longo: Harry Lowe, Bob and Julie Myers
In memory of Judy Lundgren: Peter Marino
In memory of Ronald J. Moss: Beth and Mac Edwards

Director's Circle $5,000 and up
The Glens Falls Foundation: Pesquera Scholarship
The Estate of William and Elsie Hill: Hill Scholarship
JMZ Architects and Planners, P.C.: JMZ Founders Award
Robert and Priscilla Joy: JMZ Founders Award
Martha's Dandee Creme: Michelle Lafontaine Memorial Nursing Scholarship

President's Circle $2,500 - $4,999
Cohoes Savings Foundation: Hope Scholarship
Warren County Dept of Public Works: Town Highways Superintendents Association of Warren County
Warren/Washington Association for Mental Health Inc.: Amy Carpenter Memorial Scholarship

Leadership Circle $1,000 - $2,499
Adirondack Runners: Michelle Lafontaine Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Suzanne Appleyard:VFW Post 2475 Scholarship
D'ella Pontiac Buick GMC Cad: D’Ella Auto Group Scholarship
Evelyn & Paul Robinson Family Foundation: Evelyn & Paul Robinson Family Foundation
Faculty Assoc. of Adirondack Community College: ACC Faculty Assoc. Memorial Scholarship
Dennis Harris: Dennis Harris Scholarship
Mintz Parlin Family Foundation: Mintz Parlin Family Foundation
Rick Patrick: Rick Patrick Scholarship
Gino Ruggi: Gino Ruggi Scholarship
Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans: Tri-County Council of Vietnam Era Veterans Scholarship
Wash. Co. Assoc. of Street & Highway Officials: Wash. County Highway
Bob and Jill Wilkins: Eric Wilkins Memorial Scholarship

Benefactor $500 - $999
Ron and Sally Briggs: Chef Bill Steele Culinary Arts Award
Joan B. Carter: Annina M. Carter Memorial Scholarship
Marie M Carter: Annina M. Carter Memorial Scholarship
Culinary Arts Club: Chef Bill Steele Culinary Arts Award
Family of  Shirley L. DeSantis: Shirley L DeSantis Memorial Scholarship
Kris and John Duffy: JMZ Founders Award
Ecolab Foundation: JMZ Founders Award
Fitzgerald Bros. Beverages: Fitzgerald Brothers Beverage Scholarship
Glens Falls Lodge #81: GF Elks Lodge #81 Scholarship
Rachael Hunsinger Patten: Margaret T. Sherman Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Joan Pantzer: Annina M. Carter Memorial Scholarship
Mr. Kenneth Parlin: Mintz Parlin Family Foundation
SUNY Adirondack Student Senate: SUNY Adirondack Student Senate
TCT Federal Credit Union: TCT Federal Credit Union
Trustco Bank: Trustco Scholarship
USA Dance, Inc.: USA Dance - Adirondack Chapter #3035 Scholarship
Warren County Council of Chambers: Warren County Council of Chambers

Sponsor $250 - $499
Adirondack Broadcasting Association: Adirondack Broadcasting Association Scholarship
Michael Berry: Garylee Berry Memorial Scholarship
Patricia Berry: Garylee Berry Memorial Scholarship
Four Winds of Saratoga: Four Winds -Saratoga
Genesee Community College: Upward Bound is College Bound Award
Mike Ingersoll: JMZ Founders Award
Stuart Leinoff: Stu Leinoff Physics Student of the Year
Jerry and Joanne Loftus: Gerald and Joanne Loftus Scholarship

Supporter $100 - $249
Chapter BX P.E.O.: P.E.O. Chapter BX Memorial
Bill and Jane Gehring: JMZ Founders Award
Kelli S Hatin: Garylee Berry Memorial Scholarship
Anonymous: P.E.O. Chapter BX Memorial
James and Patricia Pietropaolo: JMZ Founders Award

Friend $50 - $99
Funding Factory: Technology Partners Scholarship
Bernice Ciampi: Charles E. Morris Memorial Scholarship
Bethany Gooch: Charles E. Morris Memorial Scholarship
Gary C. Morris: Charles E. Morris Memorial Scholarship
Rhea Markwood: Garylee Berry Memorial Scholarship
Ann Marie and Rob Somma: JMZ Founders Award
Jill and Fred Vogel: JMZ Founders Award

Donor Roll up to $49
Joan Y. Morris: Charles E. Morris Memorial Scholarship
Susan Trumpick: JMZ Founders Award










Summiteer $500,000 and up
J. Buckley Bryan, Jr.

High Peaks Circle $250,000 - $499,999
In honor of Professor A. Nicholas Buttino
Faculty-Student Assoc. of SUNY Adirondack

Ridgeline Circle $100,000 - $249,999
Stewart's Shops/The Dake Family 

Cartographer Circle $50,000 - $99,999
Anonymous (2)
Barton Mines Corporation
Glens Falls National Bank
The Himoff Family
Tom and Sally Hoy
Hudson Headwaters Health Foundation
Irving Consumer Products
JMZ Architects and Planners, P.C.
Alan and Dorie Redeker
The Estate of Alexander Torok

Peak Viewer $25,000 - $49,999
Bartlett, Pontiff, Stewart & Rhodes, P.C.
Charles R. Wood Foundation
Cailie Currin and Margaret Jones
The Glens Falls Foundation
Glens Falls Hospital
Jaeger & Flynn Associates, Inc.
Brett Lange
Jerry and Joanne Loftus
Donald H. Minkel
Tom and Michele Petit Ross

Cairn Builder $10,000 - $24,999
Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce
Adirondack Technical Solutions
The Adirondack Trust Company
Leigh Beeman
Behan Communications, Inc
BlueShield of Northeastern New York
Bonacio Construction
Sandy and Nick Buttino
Tenée and James Casaccio
Chartwells @ SUNY Adirondack
Ron Davies and Annette McMurray
Paul and Tammy Dowen and Family
Kristine and John Duffy
Genpak in memory of Gary Bowen
Linda R. Hare, MALS
Bill and Jaime Hart
Huston Engineering, LLC
Robert and Priscilla Joy
Lehigh Northeast Cement Co.
Suzanne and Paul McPhillips
In Memory of Myles Miller
Ed Moore in Memory of Linda S. Moore
Linda and Thomas Murphy
J. Lawrence Paltrowitz
Parks Heritage Federal Credit Union
In Memory of Robin Louise Pietropaolo
Jo-Ann and Michael Rapaport
Regional Radio Group
Joan and Alan Rhodes
Schutze Family Dentistry P.C.
Ron Stewart and Family
SUNY Adirondack Administrative Staff and Support and Confidential Staff
The Great Escape, A Six Flags Theme Park and Lodge
Travelers Foundation
Trustco Bank
Janice C. Woodbury

Trail Blazer $5,000 - $9,999
William J. Arpey Jr. and Evelyn G. Arpey Family
Bunny and Bill Bitner
Constance Gillette Bosse
C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc.
Patrick and Julie Canavan
Marie Carter and Joan Carter
Kathie and Brian Duncan
Richard and Mary Ferguson
Peter and Mimi FitzGerald
The Grasmeder Family
Dennis Harris
Hilltop Construction Co.
Dr. Robert and Judith Judge
Joan Baldwin in recognition of her contributions to the Michelle Lafontaine Memorial Nursing Scholarship and Dennis and Elizabeth Lafontaine
Marvin and Company, P.C., CPAs
Jen Hogan and Scott Murphy Family
NBT Bank
The Phair Family - in memory of Carol Clemente Phair
Sandy Hill Foundation
Student Senate of SUNY Adirondack
SUNY Adirondack President's Staff
Don and Marybeth Tenne
Stephan and Carolyn von Schenk
David T. Wallingford

Path Finder $1,000 - $4,999
Holly I. Ahern
Kevin and Sherry Ankeny
Dr. Chandler W. Atkins
Timothy C. Badger
Baer & Associates LLC
Bast Hatfield Construction, LLC
JoAnne and R. Harry Booth
Paul and Margaret Curtis
Lâle Davidson
Dente Engineering P.C.
Ecolab Foundation
Dr. Frank & Mrs. Wendy '76 Endieveri and Family
Faculty Association of Adirondack Community College
Fenimore Asset Management, Inc.
Finch Paper LLC
Arleen V. Girard
Bryan R. Goodwin and Yvonne J. Goodwin
Edward and Kathleen Hanchett
Kenneth and Mary Hand
Rachael Hunsinger Patten
John and Kelly Jablonski
Wendy L. Johnston
Mary Prunty LaPann
By and Joan Lapham
Jonathan C. Lapper
Mark and Lisa Lebowitz
Keith and Kelley McAfee
Rita and Philip McIntire
Andrew Meader
MLB Construction Services, LLC
Ronald S. Montesi
Beth Nichols
Malcolm B. O'Hara
Robert Palmier and Kathleen Stables-Palmieri
Rick Patrick
Paul E. and Judy Pontiff
Benjamin and Mary Pratt
Michael Prutsman
John Rugge, M.D.
Saratoga Hospital
Schoder Rivers Associates Consulting Engineers, P.C.
Carolyn Bishop Slack
Ann Marie Somma
The LA Group Landscape Architectural and Engineering, P.C.
Susan Trumpick
Jill and Fred Vogel
Patricia E. Watkins

Trail Guide $500 - $999
Mary Ann Andrukiewicz
Paula Nadeau Berube
Robert H. Faivre, Ph.D.
George and Eileen Haynes
Robert S. McMillen
John A. Morabito
John F. Strough
Kim Thomas
Katharine Tomasi

Climber $100 - $499
Ona L. Backus
Laura Baker
Stefanie DiLallo Bitter
Jeffrey Bittman
Melissa Blackmer
Cheryl Bolton
Dr. Andrew M. Bonacic
Stephen Borgos
Elisabeth F. Braxton
Anne Brock
Miriam P. Brown
William and Elaine Buckton
Karla Williams Buettner
James R. Burkett
Tony Buttino
Betty Cassidy
Shaughn G. Clancy
Jeff Clark
Stephanie Cleveland
Rick and Jaye Conine
Ben and Bev Davis
Carlisle D'Souza
Rebecca  Edwards
Beth and Mac Edwards
Jason Enser
Beth A. Faller
Al and Maryann Faller
In Memory of David Fitzgerald
Bob Funicello
Sharon Geerts
Barbara Kriesat Gerber
Doug Gruse
Marc P. Guise
Stan Gursky
Jeevan Gurung
Robert and Patricia Harris
Bill Haskell
Hudson Falls Central School
Kimberly Hughes
Frank Jelley
Casey Job
Julie Kelly
Tressie LaFay and Andrew Parsons
Ray and Marilyn Lalone
Terry P. Lawrence
Marjorie Brock Layden
Michael Layden
Nancy Leo
Xiao J. Li
Sarah J. Linehan
Bruce O. Lipinski
Jason Lloyd
Martha Mann
Mary Beth Maranville
David Matthews
Mr. Clinton J. McCarthy
Dr. Kathleen McCoy and Robert L. Medve
Mary McDermott
Bernice Mennis
Metlife Foundation
Joyce A. Miller
Stacy Mondesir
Karen Morrissey
Karen Ryan Mosher
Ronald J. Moss
Tom Mowatt
Vishal Mudi
Matthew Muller
National Grid USA Matching
Renee O'Brien
Michael and Elizabeth O'Sick
Kate O'Sick and Paul Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Perkins
Ken Petrie-Tubbs
Linda A Possemato
William Potvin
Dianne Proulx
Caelynn and John Prylo
Jill A. Randall
Wendy L. Rhodes
Antonius Rivera
Dr. Teresa J. Ronning
Scott Royael
Carol E. Runge
Amy Salvati
Timothy D. Scherbatskoy
Dianne M. Schoder
Barbara Schultz
Sanford and Martha Searleman
David M. Smith
Richard and Angela Spackmann
Kelly Speed
Michele Sprague
Jenna M. St. Jacques
Cindy Stoner
John E. Veitch
Jessica Hugabone Vinson
Michelle E. Waite
Donald Whitney
Diane M. Wildey
Diana Ritchie Williams
Mindy T. Wilson
John and Sarah Wright
Carol Li Yang
Cynthia Zielaskowski
Lori A. Zinter

Backpacker up to $100
Suzanne Appleyard
Paul E. Arends
Jeanne Barber
Patty Bradley
James and Brenda Bulman
Joan and Allan Deans
Nathan and Lorraine Dickinson
Ronald and Jessica Dixon
Melanie Doyle
Kathy Drislane
Dr. Norman A. Enhorning
JoAnn Evans
Robert J. Ferraro
Nancy R. Fish
Stacy Golden
Wendy Grieser
Kim Hall
John and Bonnie Halpin
Don and Patricia Hassett
Keith and Donna Healy
Mary C. Hilliard
Irene Homer
Anne Horwitz
Cindy Hoyt
Hudson River Dollies
Mr. Robert F. Huyck
Barbara Karge
Mike and Janice Kerman
Doug Koos
Carolyn Lord
Janice Luciano
Faith Baxter McWhorter
Elizabeth A. Mulshine
Colleen Murray
Bob and Julie Myers
Marcia O'Connell
John and Theresa O'Kane
Janice C. Preece
Bea Reynolds
Brad and Sally Ritchie
Thomas M. Rollo
South Glens Falls Central School Disrict
Amy and John Stevens
Roy and Barbara Steves
Patrick John Sweet and Sue Root Sweet
Sibyl Telfian
Nancy L. White
Heather L. Whitney
Lauren Wickizer
Colleen Wise
Jared Woodcock