Residence Life Staff

What is a Residence Hall Director (RD)?

An RD is a full-time live-in professional staff member.  The RDs supervise the Resident Assistants and are a resource to residents living in the building.  RDs are responsible for the day-to-day operations in the Residence Hall including programming supervision, conduct management, and community development.  The RDs also provide on-call assistance to residents, Resident Assistants, and Public Safety during the academic year. RDs have office space in the Office of Residence Life located in the lobby of the Residence Hall.

What is a Resident Assistant (RA)?

An RA is a peer leader living on the floor in the Residence Hall.  The main responsibility of the RA is to create a community which resident students feel comfortable and safe.  RAs go through extensive training in preparation to handle a wide variety of situations that a resident may come across, and can always recommend a resource that specializes in specific problems. RAs are on duty from 4pm to 8am Sunday through Thursday and are on call throughout the weekend. They also plan interactive programs on educational topics as well as community building on a monthly basis.







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