Matteo Capasso


"I am originally from Austin, Texas. My family moved up here after my dad was laid off from his job and took a new position at Global Foundries.

I joined Student Senate as a freshman senator last year. There was a change in leadership, and we found ourselves without a president, so I decided to step up.

There was a lot to learn and a lot of responsibility involved, but I am pretty proud of the Student Senate this year and what we were able to accomplish.

I wrote a resolution to increase the student activity fee this year, and it was approved. Students have always had to pay an additional graduation fee and were not able to use their financial aid to pay it. With this resolution, the student activity fee has been increa sed just a few dollars in order to cover the cost of graduation, and students are now able to use their financial aid to pay for it.

Professor Nick Buttino has been a great mentor to me. You pro bably hear this a lot, but he’s just a great role model. He is passionate about everything he does."

Matteo Capasso
Liberal Arts: Math and Science, Class of 2016