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Sarah Jane Linnehan talks to a prospective student.

I accepted a temporary position as an Admissions Counselor right out of college. The job sounded exciting, included loads of travel and gave me an opportunity to put my communication skills to good use. It was never my intention to make a career out of admissions work, but I quickly developed a personal satisfaction in helping people achieve their educational goals... and realized I was impacting individual lives. When the temporary post came to an end, I was offered a full time permanent position. I enthusiastically accepted the job offer, and never looked back! For the past 28 years I have had the privilege of working in the Admissions Office at SUNY Adirondack. I have met students at various stages of life and listened to their personal stories, their hopes, their dreams. In most instances, a college education is what stood between where they were, and where they wanted to be... sharing SUNY Adirondack's many opportunities with these individuals is what continues to inspire me every day. I enjoy helping students, I'm passionate about higher education, and I believe in SUNY Adirondack.— Sarah Jane Linehan, Admissions Director

Shaughn Clancy

I chose the admissions field because I needed a job. I was looking through the classified ads in the newspaper and saw that a college in Cleveland, Ohio, was looking for an admissions recruiter. The position sounded interesting so I applied, interviewed, and got the job. That was September of 1986, and I’ve been working in the admissions field ever since. I’ve worked in college admissions all these years because I really enjoy helping students make good choices about their educational future. Besides, I know firsthand what it’s like not to have someone guide you through the college search and application process. If I can help students avoid the mistakes that I made during my college search, then I know I’ve made a world of difference in someone’s life...and that’s a great feeling to have! — Shaughn G. Clancy, Assistant Director of Admissions

Kassondra Tremaine

I got into working in admissions because I am very passionate about higher education. I was the first one in my family to go to college and had to navigate the process on my own. The reason I love admissions is because I am able to help people pursue their goal of obtaining a college degree, regardless of their background. Being a first-generation scholar has opened up many opportunities for me, and I am thankful to be working in the Admissions Office at SUNY Adirondack helping people reach their goals. — Kassondra Tremaine, Admissions Counselor

Ryan Thomas

I was interested in this position, as it would allow me to work with students and prospective students from all across the lifespan and from very diverse backgrounds. This position is unique in that I help guide students through the admissions process and serve as a campus resource for them once they start their courses. This allows me to witness students develop from prospective students to final semester students, which is something I greatly enjoy. — Ryan Thomas, Adult Learner Coordinator

Wanda Adamson

I believe everything starts in the Admissions Office. I find it very rewarding to have the opportunity to assist prospective students with any questions they may have via email, phone, or in person. — Wanda Adamson, Admissions Office Specialist

Roseanne Anzalone

I enjoy working in Admissions because of the constant positive atmosphere in the office. Working in Admissions gives one a unique view on the world. People come to us wanting to share their hopes and dreams for their family and their future and look to us to help them start their personal journey. Prospective students know where they want to go but they are trusting you to help them create the path. There’s no better feeling at the end of the day than knowing that you helped someone believe in themselves and those dreams. — Roseanne Anzalone, College Services Representative