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What is New Media?

New media most commonly refers to content available on-demand through the Internet, accessible on any digital device. Common examples of new media include websites such as online newspapers, blogs, wikis, video games and social media. Much of the new media content is communicated through visual aids. This, in simplest terms is any form of communication that relies on visual cues/graphics to transmit a message to people.

Communication using new media requires graphic/communication designers to help achieve communication goals by analyzing, structuring, planning and creating images and text to improve or develop visual communication for specific purposes. These designers are skilled in the process of creating, producing and distributing materials, both digital and print, as well as in the use of typography, drawings, photo and graphic manipulation and illustration.

Employment Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “employment of media and communication occupations is projected to grow 4 percent from 2014 to 2024, which will result in about 27,400 new jobs. Demand for media and communication occupations should stem from the need to create, edit, translate and disseminate information through a variety of different platforms." 

The median annual wage for media and communication occupations was $53,530 in May 2015, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $36,200.

For more information related to Career Opportunities, visit CareerZone and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics


Program Overview

This two year program combines the strengths of the SUNY Adirondack Media Arts program and the WSWHE BOCES Graphic & Visual Communications program.  The New Media program exposes students to graphic design, photography and video editing and production, as well as communications theory and practice. It blends art, technology and soft skills through a highly integrated, hands-on curriculum. Students will become versed in the industry standard software (Adobe Creative Suite), have opportunities to work with/design for local non-profit agencies and learn project management skills.  

By the end of the program, students will have had the following experiences and opportunities:

  • collaborate with local non-profit organizations. Just as is done in the real world, students often work in teams to design and develop novel solutions to class projects and industry challenges from local non-profit organizations.
  • engage with local industry partners. The program’s business partners host students for learning opportunities alongside experts, sponsor industry challenges, and guest lecture in our classes.
  • creation of a professional portfolio. New Media students will create a comprehensive portfolio of their work during the program.
  • cutting edge technology. The New Media students are provided with a laptop and digital camera.  The state-of-the-art learning lab contains the following equipment: Wacom drawing tablet  -  large format printers  -  Mac Lab with workstations  -  Adobe Design Suite software
  • earn internationally recognized certifications. Students will have the opportunity to earn three industry-recognized Adobe Certifications, and an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Certificate.
  • earn up to 32 college credits. Upon completion, a student is eligible to earn 32 college credits toward an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree, a SUNY Adirondack Media Arts Certificate.

The ECCA Program Catalog contains the names and descriptions of the courses in the New Media program, as well as a Plan of Study.


  • project based work. Every subject is taught through project-based learning that engages students in every facet of their education.
  • collaboration and innovation. Just as is done in the real world, students often work in teams to design and develop novel solutions to class projects and industry challenges.
  • student-centered learning. Students take an active role in their own education, working with teachers in a professional, collaborative environment built on two-way communication.

Opportunities and Next Steps

1. Stay at SUNY Adirondack and complete a degree in Media Arts AAS or a Media Arts Certificate.
2. Transfer to another 2 or 4-year college. Transfer Counseling available
3. Join the workforce. Career and job search assistance is available! 


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