High School Business Day at SUNY Adirondack marks 25 years

May 21, 2018

More than 300 high school students from across the region participated in business- and IT-related competitions at the 25th annual High School Business Day on May 7 at SUNY Adirondack.


For the first time since the event’s inception, the top student in each competition received a $250 scholarship to SUNY Adirondack.


Ken Kurtz, president of Bai Brands, presented the keynote address and served as a judge for a “Pitch It” competition themed around creating and marketing a new beverage. Kurtz is a beverage industry executive who has been the driving force in building some of the most iconic premium beverage brands in the last 30 years. He also has worked with E&J Gallo Winery, Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) and Fiji Water.


Amanda Bondoc of EC-Council presented a Cyber Ethical Hacking Challenge. International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as EC-Council, is the world’s largest cyber security technical certification body. It operates in 145 countries globally and has trained and certified more than 200,000 information security professionals globally.


Scholarships were funded through sponsorship donations by Adirondack Trust Company; Finch Paper; Cudney’s Cleaners; Dangos Fitzgerald’s; Fort Miller Co.; Stewart’s Shops; Fitzgerald Bros. – Pepsi; Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union; Travelers; BG Lenders; State Farm Insurance; Tri County Teachers Federal Credit Union; Gore & Laney CPAs; Whittemore, Dowen & Ricciardelli; Hiland Park Country Club; and The Elms Waterfront.


Participating schools included Ballston Spa, Brunswick, Glens Falls, Greenwich, Queensbury, South Glens Falls, Bolton, Corinth, Granville, Saratoga Springs, Ticonderoga and WSWHE BOCES.


The winners in each test category were:


Team Test

First Place: Saratoga Springs

Second Place: Granville

Third Place: Greenwich

Fourth Place: Bolton

Fifth Place: Ballston Spa


Pitch It Contest


Second Place: Saratoga Springs

Third Place: South Glens Falls



First Place: Jesse Tefft, Greenwich

Second Place: Kayla Phinney, WSWHE BOCES

Third Place: Trevor Jeffords, WSWHE BOCES

Fourth Place: Ryan Curran, South Glens Falls

Fifth Place: Sebastian Maynard, South Glens Falls


Personal Finance

First Place: Bart Bartholomew, Granville

Second Place: Zac Haskins, Granville

Third Place: Alexis Duncan, Brunswick

Fourth Place: Garret Stiles, Queensbury

Fifth Place: Doug Wester, Corinth



First Place: Mark Leuchten, Saratoga Springs

Second Place: Michael Cammarerer, Ballson Spa

Third Place: Chole Spigner, Greenwich

Fourth Place: Jeremy Obrecht, Ballston Spa

Fifth Place: Mya DeLong, Ticonderoga


Business Law

First Place: Sierra Ricks, Granville

Second Place: Connor Lennox, Granville

Third Place: Jeremy Amaral, Granville

Fourth Place: Nicholas Andrus, Granville

Fifth Place: Victoria James, Granville


Business Math

First Place: Aidan Klein, Ballston Spa

Second Place: Jeremy Obrecht, Ballston Spa

Third Place: Zack Krill, Brunswick

Fourth Place: Chloe Spigner, Greenwich

Fifth Place: Connor Lennox, Granville


Sports Marketing

First Place: Spencer Plott, South Glens Falls

Second Place: Sam Hogan, WSWHE BOCES

Third Place: Leif Hansen, Ballston Spa

Fourth Place: Alex LaPlante, Granville

Fifth Place: Gage Boddery, Greenwich


Computer Literacy

First Place: Gavin VanBuren, Granville

Second Place: Cody Benway, Glens Falls

Third Place: Alex LaPlante, Granville

Fourth Place: Hunter Sims, Corinth

Fifth Place: Evan Petersen, Brunswick


First Place: Cara Sanchez, Ticonderoga

Second Place: Sar Whitten, Ticonderoga

Third Place: Matthew Mundell, Queensbury

Fourth Place: Drew McEachron, Granville

Fifth Place: Christopher Caiazza, Brunswick


Keyboard Formatting

First Place: Abigail Sova, Greenwich

Second Place: Caleb Hinton, Greenwich


Business Communication

First Place: Patricia Clark, Granville

Second Place: Lily Han, Granville

Third Place: Gabby Wiss, Greenwich

Fourth Place: Alexis Duncan, Brunswick

Fifth Place: Caleb Hinton, Greenwich


Keyboard Timing

First Place: Dan Brierley, Greenwich

Second Place: Caleb Hinton, Greenwich

Third Place: Michael Cammarere, Ballston Spa

Fourth Place: Madeleine Mach, Saratoga Springs

Fifth Place: Joseph Rudesheim, Ballson Spa



First Place: Garret Stiles, Queensbury

Second Place: Gordon Eisenberg, Saratoga Springs

Third Place: Sam Hogan, WSWHE BOCES

Fourth Place: Gage Boddery, Greenwich

Fifth Place: Matthew Mundell, Queensbury


PC Quiz Bowl

First Place: Myles LaPlante and Daniel Osborne, WSWHE BOCES/SUNY ADK ECCA

Second Place: Alex Hockenberry and Elijah Terrell, WSWHE  BOCES/SUNY ADK ECCA

Third Place: Megan Washburn and Hannah West, WSWHE BOCES/SUNY ADK ECCA


Ethical Hacking

Nicholas Hoffis and Joshua Hamlin, WSWHE BOCES/SUNY ADK ECCA


Cisco Networking Quiz Bowl

First Place: Alex Hockenberry and Elijah Terrell, WSWHE BOCES/SUNY ADK ECCA

Second Place: Chris McWain, Zach McWhorter and Alicia Tobias, WSWHE BOCES/SUNY ADK ECCA

Third Place: Megan Washburn and Hannah West, WSWHE BOCES/SUNY ADK ECCA