Paul Smith’s College offers scholarships to SUNY Adirondack graduates

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January 21, 2020

Paul Smith’s College and SUNY Adirondack have agreed to a scholarship program that allows past and future graduates of SUNY Adirondack to enroll at Paul Smith’s at a significantly discounted tuition rate.

Under the Tuition Scholarship Program, SUNY Adirondack graduates will be able to work toward a bachelor’s degree at Paul Smith’s with a tuition cost no higher than that of a four-year SUNY school, or $9,170 for the 2020-2021 academic year.

“We are excited to work with SUNY Adirondack on this program,” said Cathy Dove, president of Paul Smith’s College. “This partnership highlights how public and private colleges can go beyond coexisting and collaborate in providing a pathway to affordable bachelor’s degrees. SUNY Adirondack’s proximity and excellent academics make this a perfect fit.”

The two colleges, separated just over 100 miles by vehicle, offer several program pairings that include culinary and baking arts, agricultural business and sustainability, sport management and individually-crafted degree tracks.

"We are proud to partner with Paul Smith's College in the Adirondack Park to create a highly affordable transfer pathway for our students,” said SUNY Adirondack President Kristine Duffy.

“Many SUNY Adirondack students may be attracted to their unique programs and location, but find private college tuition to be out of reach. The significant tuition discount for SUNY Adirondack students will present new options for our students, particularly in programs like culinary, hospitality, outdoor education, environmental-related areas of study and more. Both colleges are committed to access to a highly personalized and quality education at an affordable price."