SUNY Adirondack furloughs employees temporarily

Aerial view of Queensbury campus
July 08, 2020

(QUEENSBURY, NEW YORK—July 7, 2020) – SUNY Adirondack announced today that it temporarily furloughed 126 administrators and staff beginning July 6, 2020, as it continues to address financial challenges related to COVID-19. The college remains open to enroll and serve students, through primarily remote services, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Like public colleges across the state, SUNY Adirondack is facing a deep reduction in New York state financial support and a decline in enrollment and associated revenue. In response, the college already has reduced its 2020-2021 budget by more than $1.5 million and drawn heavily on its fund balance. These steps, as significant as they are, still fall short of closing the college’s expected budget gap.

The reduction in hours and duration of the furlough will vary among employees because of their different roles and responsibilities.  SUNY Adirondack will re-evaluate its workforce needs periodically and, as the instruction and work environment evolves, it expects to recall employees. The affected employees will retain their eligibility for health benefits during the furlough.

SUNY Adirondack did not furlough employees in March when primarily remote instruction and work began, but college President Kristine Duffy, Ed.D., said she believes it is now time “to take this difficult but necessary step.’’

“SUNY Adirondack has a responsibility as an institution to reduce expenses, so they better align with our expected revenues, and we are trying to do so in a way that minimizes the impact on our students and on our affected colleagues,’’ Duffy said.  “The sacrifices our colleagues are making today will help the college weather the fiscal challenges ahead. I thank each of our employees for their continued positive spirit and commitment to the success of our students and the college.’’

The college has also offered employees the option of voluntary resignations as another means to reduce costs.

About SUNY Adirondack:

SUNY Adirondack is a community college with a growing campus that is part of the nation’s largest university, the State University of New York. With locations in Queensbury, Glens Falls and Wilton, SUNY Adirondack offers courses at both locations and online; on-campus housing at the Queensbury campus; and serves students via credit and continuing education programs.