Online course help

What is Blackboard? 
Blackboard is an online classroom. Each of your courses will appear in Blackboard under “My Courses”. You will be able to see, complete, and submit assignments, as well as communicate with your professors and fellow students in your class. Blackboard is a virtual classroom. 

Where do I find Blackboard? 
You can find Blackboard in your Student Portal ( There is a link for Blackboard in the green menu bar along the top of the screen, right next to your email link. If you do not know how to log into your Student Portal, please contact for assistance. 

I have found Blackboard, where do I start? 
The following video links will walk you, step-by step, through all you need to know. All links are also available in the side menu of your Blackboard home page. Let’s get started: 

Step 1: Find your courses
How to find my course 

Step 2: Explore and navigate your course content 
How to find content 

Tip: The first thing you will want to find for each class is your syllabus. Just like a paper syllabus for an in-person class, this will list your assignments and responsibilities for your course. If you have questions regarding your syllabus, ask your professor. 

Step 3: Submit assignments (you can submit with or without attachments) 
How to submit an assignment or PDF 
How to submit an assignment with an attachment or PDF 

Step 4: Take and submit a test or quiz 
How to take a test or quiz or PDF 

Step 5: Participate in a Discussion 
How to create a post in a Blackboard Discussion Forum or PDF 
How to reply to an existing post in a Blackboard Discussion Forum or PDF 

For more Blackboard help videos, visit 

You can also contact the open SUNY Helpdesk at 518-320-1300 or 

Questions? Email 

1. Don’t Procrastinate - A schedule for the semester should be located in either the course syllabus or a content area. Make sure to locate both the syllabus and the course schedule, as they contain due dates and objectives for each assignment. Check the objectives and assignments for each week at the beginning of the week and plan your attack. Don’t leave your work until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to do your work so that if you get stuck, you can ask your professor for assistance - and remember, most professors won’t be awake and answering questions at midnight! 

2. Participate - Your class participation in an online course is important. The online discussions are meant to replicate a classroom discussion, so post early and often. Be sure to read and follow the directions for each discussion, ask questions and interact. You may find that you really enjoy connecting with your classmates! 

3. Pace Yourself - Each professor will set their own due dates, so consider making a calendar for yourself with tasks for each day. Plan out your due dates, and schedule time for each class, just like you would for an in-person class. It may help to set a schedule for yourself where you pretend each online class meets at certain times, three times a week. If you follow a set schedule, it may reduce your stress. 

4. Talk to your instructor - Your professors are here to help and want you to succeed. If you are unsure about how to do something, or what to do for an assignment, please let them know. Reach out to your professors with any problems sooner rather than later so that there is time to find a solution. Ask questions! There is a solution for every problem! 

5. Find a place to study - If you can, designate a place where you will study and complete your coursework. This may be a bedroom or a corner in your house/apartment. Try to make this a place where you can limit distractions and focus on studying or completing assignments. 

6. Don’t be afraid of Blackboard - You won’t break it! Take some time to click around the home page for each class. If you see something you don’t understand, ask your professor. It may seem overwhelming at first, but you will quickly learn to use it! 

Questions? Email 

Regional wifi hotspots available for student use

(NOTE: Please follow social distancing precautions when using these free wifi access points. Students will not be allowed to enter buildings and must remain outside.)

Campus WiFi: Scoville parking lot

• 42 Degrees, 206 Glen St.,Glens Falls, Parking lot                       

• Hill Electric, 174 Broad St., Glens Falls, Parking area can host several students; park close to the bldg; call into office at 518-793-3436

•  Crandall Public Library, City Park, Glens Falls, City Park next to the Crandall Public Library, Glens Falls, Free access if you are close to the library.  

• Rucinski Hall Architecture, 134 Dix Ave., Glens Falls, Available parking spaces                                 

• YMCA, 600 Glen St., Glens Falls, Back parking lot                                                                                                                 

• Johnny Rockets/Six Flags,89 Six Flags Drive, Queensbury, Parking lot    

• StoredTech, 543 Queensbury Ave.,Queensbury, Park outside of building on the side. Special wireless set up for students: SUNYADK-STSI. Students can contact for password information   

• The Queensbury Hotel, 88 Ridge St., Glens Falls -  Hotel WiFi available in parking lot (as close to the hotel as possible), and along Ridge and Maple streets.    

• Adirondack Technical Solutions, 5439 State Route 40 [by the intersection of County Route 44 and State Route 40], parking lot near ADK Tech (not their office),  Network named “Students." No password is required. Any issues with connection, call their office (518) 638-2020.

• Northway Christian Family Church, 37 Homer Ave., Queensbury, parking lot, Network Name (SSID); NCFC-Guest 2.4 Password: Giving2020

• Inn at Erlowest/Sun Castle Resort, 3178 Lake Shore Dr., Lake George, parking areas (limited service wifi capability via Erlowest Guest network or Sun Castle Resort network)                                              

• YMCA Adirondack Center, 148 Tannery Road, Brant Lake      

• Hunt Companies, 515 Co Rd 45, Argyle. Parking area in front available for 5-7 cars.  WiFi: 'HCI Office'.  Students can contact for password information.

• Pember Library, 33 West Main St., Granville                 

• Village of Granville, 51 Quaker St., Granville

• Stony Creek Town Hall, 52 Hadley Road,Stony Creek, Parking lot                   

• Stony Creek Free Library, 37 Harrisburg Road,Stony Creek, outside

• SUNY Empire State College, "drive-in WiFi" service in the parking lot of its Saratoga Springs campus at 111 and 113 West Ave. (Network: ESCGuestWiFi; Password: Th1nk5pr!ng)

• Miscellaneous: Public libraries in Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Essex, Hamilton counties have free WiFi. Policies differ; available times may be limited.           


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Email for assistance. The library can check that the textbook is available, if you have any problems.