Managing your Notifications

  1. Login to Brightspace, then click your name in the upper righthand corner.
  2. Select Notifications
    Screenshot of step 1 and 2, select notifications.
  3. Brightspace provides 2 contact methods: email and phone.
    • By default, your SUNY Adk email address will be used for all email notifications.
    • To have notifications sent to your phone, click Register my mobile and follow the prompts.
  4. Select your preferred method of notification (Email or SMS) for each listed action in a course. We recommend that you opt in to Announcements and opt out of notifications for Content. This will keep your email inbox and/or text message inbox easier to manage.
    Screenshot of Instant Notifications with red arrows pointing to the check marks for "Announcements - announcement updated" and Announcements - new announcement available" and a red "X" drawn across the three Content item options for notifications.
  5. Set any Custom Notifications and choose any courses to exclude from your notification settings. We recommend that you check "Allow future courses to send me notifications."
    Screenshot of Customize Notifications with check marks next to "Include my grade value in notifications from Grades" and “Allow future courses to send me notifications.” A blue Save button is at the bottom.
  6. Click Save.