Remote Work Procedure


The College is implementing a temporary shift in how employees report for and accomplish their work to address the concerns of social distancing and decreasing density on Campus as a result of COVID-19.

Where possible, and at the discretion of the supervisor and administration, full-time employees may be able to establish temporary remote and/or flexible work schedule arrangements in cases where their responsibilities can be performed outside the traditional office setting or hours during emergency or adverse situations on a temporary basis.

Departments may implement a team-based schedule for employees to work remotely or during a flexible work time outside of normal business hours. The VP, AVP, Dean or Executive or Senior Director of that department will identify the teams and the individuals that are able to work in this modality.

Employees are not restricted from campus at this time, however, we strongly encourage employees to plan to work remotely and practice social distancing at all times if there is a need to be on campus.

Based upon the needs of the College, employees may be required to return to regular in-office work at any time.

Remote Work Expectations

All employees are responsible for and agree to the following:

  1. Adherence to the College’s rules, regulations, policies and collective bargaining agreements.
  2. The employee assumes primary responsibility for maintaining effective communication, work flow, and work production among co-workers and students.
  3. The work schedule shall be consistent with the operational needs of the employee’s department. 
  4. Communication by telephone and electronic mail with the College must be available during work hours.  Phones should be forwarded when possible; voice mail and email must be checked and responded to in a timely manner.
  5. If conditions permit, the employee will attend job-related meetings, training sessions and conferences, as requested by the supervisor.  In addition, the employee may be required to attend meetings on short notice either virtually or in person, if possible. 
  6. All College materials and student information must be treated in confidence and maintained in a safe and secure manner. 
  7. All College equipment is kept secure and is used for College business only.  Any equipment supplied by the College must be returned to the College upon termination of the temporary telecommuting arrangement.  The employee is responsible for any lost or damaged College property. 
  8. An employee in a position where overtime may be applicable must have advance written approval from their supervisor to work overtime.
  9. The College and employees recognize that due to these highly unusual circumstances, any changes in terms and conditions, whether known or unknown to the Association shall not set a precedent or be used in any way to prejudice the Association or diminish the Association’s rights.
  10. This Agreement will sunset when the emergency declaration has been lifted and may not be used as evidence against either party regarding the scope of the employee’s duties during any future school closures.
  11. Employees are responsible for submitting their work time in to banner payroll in the required time period and for maintaining a general work log to document any work completed while working remotely.

Please update your voicemail message to the following:

You have reached the voice mail of XXXX in the YYYY department at SUNY Adirondack. 

Please note that I may be away from my desk or working remotely at this time. My hours of work are between ________ and ____________. You may expect to hear from me during that time.

I will be checking for messages regularly and will get back to you as soon as I can.  Please leave a message.

If you are calling for updated information about how SUNY Adirondack is responding to the COVID-19 emergency, please go to the college’s website at Thank you.