Rich Schnetzer


"I’m doing things backwards; I already have the experience and now I’m going tocollege! I am originally from Hicksville, NY ... High school class of’69! I left Long Island in 1974 and didn’t end up back in New York until 2010; it has been an interesting and colorful life.

I went into the military right after high school. My dad was in the Army during WWII and my older brother was in the Navy. I was in Vietnam during Nixon’s draft. I had a choice between the Army and the Navy, so I chose the navy and was fortunate to be on a carrier and spend my whole due time on a ship. When I got out of the military, I started working as a cook. I have lived and worked all over the country as a cook, in customer service and in the hospitality industry.

I retired in 2014, and at the beginning of 2015, I enrolled in the culinary program here.

This program and Chef Bolton are awesome! I am in both the Veterans Club and the Culinary Club; I’m an overachiever! The military was in important part of my life, so I have really enjoyed being a part of the Veterans Club here. I have gotten to see some monuments built on campus, and I enjoy spending time with this group. I served during a different time than most of them, so it is great to be able to share stories.

I still occasionally work part-time, but I take life one day at a time and keep it fun. I have never planned my life too far ahead; I let fate take me where it may. I have a philosophy: Don’t make work out of work."

Rich Schnetzer
Hospitality & Tourism: Culinary Arts, Class of 2016