Science equivalency credits

Take the fast track to earning a degree! 

SUNY Adirondack offers free science equivalency credits to accelerate degree completion. Earn up to six credits in biology and/or chemistry. 

Want to take BIO 107 Anatomy and Physiology I, or BIO 223 Microbiology, but don’t have the prerequisites? 

You are eligible to take the exam(s) if you:

  • Earned high school Regents chemistry and biology grades of 80 or higher more than five years ago;
  • Earned a bachelor’s degree


Free study guides

OpenStax Concepts of Biology, a non-majors level OER textbook, is available online.

A practice Biology exam is available through SUNY Adirondack.


SUNY Adirondack's Chemistry text is available online, with a study guide available for download.

Chemistry practice exam is available here. If you are interested in additional practice exams, do an online search for "ACS General (G)," "Organic (O)" and "Biological Chemistry(B) Practice Exam G Questions."