Culinary Arts Center Reservation for Seasoned

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For Guests of Seasoned

*As we obey COVID-19 guidelines, we ask for your partnership and adherence to the following:

Before dining

·       RESERVATIONS REQUIRED for indoor dining, as seating capacity and arrangements will be contingent upon the guests already reserved. Complete the RESERVATION FORM (please provide the name and telephone number of all guests) and plan to access the CampusClear app (preferred) or answer a brief health questionnaire upon arrival.

·        Visit:

·        Please be prepared for any variety of seating options, including table and chairs, high-top tables and high chairs, as well as booth seating. The tables will be measured and prearranged. Groups not fitting the layout will need to choose between splitting up or rescheduling.

·        LIMITED SEATING capacity is available at 50 percent of occupancy. We allow up to a maximum of 36 people dining at a time. (Guest count will vary with party size.)

·        MULTIPLE hand sanitation stations exist within the facility.

·        All surfaces and equipment will be DISINFECTED between parties. Please be patient if this causes a delay in seating.

·        Our menus will be SINGLE-USE ONLY.

·        Our service team is REQUIRED to wear a mask while serving you. While adhering to a new set of service standards at Seasoned, we request your PATIENCE and KINDNESS, as everyone will be doing their best to comply and are striving to provide an enjoyable experience.

·        Our Instructors are all SERVSAFE CERTIFIED. Faculty and students are NOT ALLOWED in the facility with a fever or symptoms of illness.

·        We ask that you sit back, relax and enjoy Seasoned! WE ARE SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU BACK AND APPRECIATE YOUR HELP maintaining a safe environment for our guests, students and faculty.

Upon arrival

●       Please arrive AS CLOSE to your reservation as possible.

●       No one with a fever or any symptoms of illness should ATTEMPT to dine out.

●       To assist in social distancing, we will be using ONE-WAY TRAFFIC to enter and exit Seasoned.

●       Upon entering the restaurant, display the “Good to Go!” on the CampusClear app.

●       Please use the entrance to Seasoned located at 14 Hudson Ave. and exit through the side of the building, by the bar. ADHERE TO ALL SIGNS located on doors and walkways.

●       Please enter Seasoned with your MASK ON while waiting to be seated. Once you are escorted to your table by the host, you may remove your mask for dining ONLY upon sitting. Whenever leaving your table, have your MASK ON. This applies to everyone older the age of 2.

●       All food and beverage service is permitted at DINING TABLES ONLY. The bar will remain CLOSED and used only by our faculty and student staff.

●       BE SMART AND STAY 6 FEET APART, respecting others' personal space while waiting to be seated, moving around the restaurant and waiting for the restroom.

●       Please DO NOT HAVE ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT with our faculty and students (i.e. handshakes, high-fives and hugs).

●       Any guest who does not adhere to the above guidelines will be asked to LEAVE Seasoned.

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