First-Year Experience

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ADK Compass Orientation 2020

Welcome to SUNY Adirondack's Compass Orientation 2020! We want to make sure that new students have the important information and have taken necessary steps to be fully prepared to begin their studies this fall. For that reason, we’ve designed our ADK Compass Orientation 2020 to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the college including the people, places, and processes that you need to know to be successful iin your first year. We call our orientation "Compass" because we hope it gets you moving in the right direction from day one.

All new students are required to complete the ADK Compass Orientation, including commuter, residential and transfer students.

ADK Compass Orientation offers a comprehensive overview of campus — the places, people and processes students need to be successful, including:

Module 1: Finding Your Way at SUNY ADK (Welcome!)

Module 2: Start Strong, Go Far! (New Student Checklist)

Module 3: Joining the WolfPack (Student Life on Campus)

Module 4: Understanding and Accessing Technology

Module 5: Maximizing Your Academic Experience

Module 6: A Degree with Value (Financial Aid)

Our ADK Compass Orientation also contains "Compass Activities" embedded within each module. These are designed to help prepare you for classes this fall. Finally, you will find surveys that will help staff better understand your needs so that we can connect you with the right resources and supports before the semester begins.

Orientation will be available to all incoming students in early August 2020. It will take most students approximately one to two hours to complete, and does not have to be completed in one sitting.

All new students should complete it as soon as possible. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will have what you need to start your semester. This is especially important if you will need help accessing a computer or internet service to complete your coursework this fall.

Once you have been accepted to SUNY Adirondack you’ll automatically be enrolled in ADK Compass Orientation. Orientation is located in Blackboard which is found in your Student Portal.

  1. To access your Student Portal, you’ll need to log into Banner.

●  To log into Banner for the first time as a new student, you’ll need your Network ID. If you can’t locate this information, you could contact the Registrar's Office. Email a copy of your photo ID to and request your Banner ID number.

●  Need help using your Network ID to log into Banner? Watch this brief instructional video:

  1. Once you have logged into your Student Portal click on the “Blackboard” tab. There, you should see a link to the Orientation page titled Orientation Fall 2020 / ADKC-101. Click on that, and you’ll find the instructions you need to begin.

●  Need help navigating the Student Portal? Watch this brief instructional video:

Having trouble accessing, navigating, or completing ADK Compass Orientation?

Please contact the Director of ADK Compass, Mary Del Savio


We've got your back

The first year of college is a critical time of adjustment both academically and socially.

SUNY Adirondack has developed programs to help students survive and excel during the first year. As a new student, you will have the opportunity to participate in a Freshman Experience Course. Freshman Experience (either HRD 100, 100A or 110) is a college-orientation course which provides information about available student support resources and ways to ease the transition into college.

Start of Classes Checklist

1. Go to class! It seems simple, but some students make the mistake of skipping classes. Regular class attendance is not only beneficial academically but financially. If you receive financial aid, class attendance is required to earn your award.  

2. Meet your advisor. After the first week of classes, you will be assigned an academic advisor communicated to you through your college email. Your advisor is your main academic advocate and will assist you in exploring career, transfer, and/or internship opportunities. They will also assist you with course schedule planning. Plan on meeting with your advisor or set up an appointment early in the semester.

3. Build in time for studying, reading and completing assignments. As a new student, you will be enrolled in a Freshman Experience Course, which is an orientation class to assist you in transitioning to campus life at SUNY ADK. You will learn about time management and the many student support services (Library, Learning Commons, Counseling, etc.) in your Freshman Experience Course. The bottom line for success is to make your education a top priority. Treat your education like a job —  with structured study time — and you will be on your way to graduation!  

4. Get involved in a Club or Student Activity. Don't forget that college is also fun, and there are many entertaining activities and events to help you meet new interesting people and manage your stress. Join SUNY Adirondack Social Media platforms to receive updates on events across campus. Go on trips, join a student club, work out at the Fitness Center, explore the Adirondack Park and much more! 

5. Persist.  Attending college is a very rewarding opportunity, but the transition will often be difficult. There are times where you may question your decision. You should know that you are not alone and that most people who attend college feel the same way. Don't give up. Lean on us during the tough times. Talk to your professor, see your advisor, talk to your Freshman Experience Instructor, talk to a counselor. You will be better for it.       

6. Ask for help when you need it.  The college has a myriad of resources to support your success including professor office hours, tutoring in the Learning Commons, counseling, Library research assistance and Information Technology (IT) support. Take advantage of opportunities for career exploration (career coach) and leadership experience. We want you to succeed and our goal is to help you reach your goal!