Posting Policy

Campus Bulletin Board Posting Policy   


The following rules and regulations apply to the posting of any and all materials from on-campus and off-campus populations.  These rules do not apply to class project displays.

  1. All items to be posted must be approved and stamped by the Student Activities Office.  Items which are not stamped will be taken down.
  2. Postings are confined to bulletin boards and “hang-it” spaces only.  There is absolutely no posting on glass surfaces (including classroom/building doors and windows), stairwells, classrooms, or interior/exterior walls.  Please note the limit of one poster per event per bulletin board.
  3. The typical time limit for postings is two weeks.  Special arrangements may be made through the Student Activities Office for extended time.  All postings must be dated, and will be removed once the date has expired.  Advertisements for special events should be removed immediately following the event.

For questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the Student Activities Office at 743-2442.

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