Travel and Trip Information



  1. The trip must be within the scope of the objectives stated in the approved constitution of the club or student organization.
  2. The cost of the trip must be commensurate with the number of individuals involved.
  3. The club or student organization will use an acceptable mode of transportation (i.e. a common carrier: bus, train, airplane, rented vehicle or, with permission from the Coordinator of Student Life, a personal vehicle).  When disabled individuals are participating in an off-campus club or student organization-sponsored activity, accessible transportation must be provided.
  4. The club or student organization shall ask the transporter for a contract that must be reviewed and signed by the Coordinator of Student Life.  They will also be asked to provide an insurance certificate proving coverage for students, guests, and faculty/staff.  If a personal vehicle is used (with permission), the owner must provide a copy of his/her insurance policy and the riders must sign an Agreement and Release Form.
  5. If private vehicles are to be left on campus during the trip, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Facilities Office or risk their vehicle being towed away or plowed in.  Information regarding where to park will be given to the vehicle owner when they contact the Facilities Office.
  6. The club or student organization will:Fill out an Event Registration Form and submit it to the Student Activities Office when beginning to plan the trip.     Submit a Trip/Special Request Form if the trip is in excess of $500 or if additional funds are needed for the trip. Submit an outline with your Trip Information Sheet that explains how trip refunds and trip departure issues are going to be handled. Give each participant a complete Trip Information Sheet and provide the Student Activities Office with copies to give to any students who may sign up there.
  7. If private transportation has been approved, a copy of the owner’s insurance policy and Agreement and Release forms completed by each rider must be submitted to the Student Activities Office prior to the trip.
  8. The designated Group Leader must be a faculty or staff member of SUNY Adirondack.
  9. The club or student organization must keep all receipts for expenditures and return them to the FSA Office within five (5) business days of their return to campus if expecting reimbursement or clearing a cash advance.  New York state sales tax paid CANNOT be counted toward reimbursement or settlement of a cash advance.
  10.  Instances of failure to comply with these guidelines may result in cancelation of the trip or reimbursement refusal.
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