Student Senate


Each student who enrolls at SUNY Adirondack, regardless of whether he or she is a traditional (recent high school graduate), non-traditional (returning adult), beginning or transfer, part-time or full-time student, automatically becomes a member of the Student Association (SA).  With over 3,500 members per year, it is by far the largest organization on campus.

The Student Association is governed by the Student Senate.  These seventeen students, with the assistance of faculty and staff advisors, maintain the SA’s budget of over a quarter million dollars, which comes directly from student activity fees.  Most of this money is disbursed to support a variety of campus programs as well as Athletics and all campus clubs.  The Senate also oversees the formation and operation of all student clubs and activity groups, works closely with faculty, staff, and administration regarding issues that directly affect students, and provides an important foundation for leadership development to all members of the campus community.

Senate membership includes 5 Freshmen Senators, 5 Sophomore Senators, and 1 Part-Time Senator.  Officers are equally represented by new and returning students.  The President, Treasurer, and Student Trustee are all sophomores while the Vice President and Secretary are freshmen.  This year there is also a newly appointed College Activity Board position on Senate. 

The Senate holds a meeting once a week on campus (every Wednesday afternoon from 12:40 until 1:50 p.m.).  Meetings are open to all and address a variety of issues, including disbursement of funds to student organizations and other activities and scheduling special events.  The Senate also examines ways to improve the campus atmosphere, which may include special remodeling projects, beautification of campus grounds, and listening to student concerns and ideas about campus issues.  The Senate will then address these issues with the appropriate administrative staff.

The Senate is also involved in various off-campus community projects, such as the Bay Road Clean-Up program, where Senate members, with help from the student body, pick up trash twice a year along their adopted stretch of Bay Road.  Other projects regularly supported by the Senate include the Red Cross Blood Drives and the annual holiday Angel Tree program.

Senate members are often involved in other campus organizations.  In addition, Senators serve on a number of Senate sub-committees.  Senators may also be appointed, by the College’s Dean for Student Affairs to serve on important decision-making college level committees and boards, such as the Student Affairs Advisory Board, the Student Disciplinary Review Board, the Campus Safety Committee, and others.  In fact, one officer of the Senate, elected by the student body, serves as a Student Senate Representative on the College’s Board of Trustees (the highest governing body of any college or university).

For more information about the student government please stop by the Student Activities Office.


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