This area of the college's web site has been designed to orient adjunct and full time faculty to the variety of services offered to students with disabilities through Accessibility Services . It is meant to serve as a resource faculty looking to better understand the legal foundations of the college's responsibilities to students with disabilities, and the process for instituting academic accommodations and other adjustments necessary to provide students with equal access to the programs and activities of the college.


The two links, Learning Disabilities Explained and Examples of Visual Processing Disorders, are meant to provide faculty with information regarding specific learning disabilities and how they manifest in students of college age. Although our office works with students with a variety of disabilities, more than half of our population is students with learning disabilities. Further information regarding our students and the challenges they face can be found in the Accessibility Services Student Handbook and the Transition Planning area of this website.

Faculty members are welcome to contact our office with questions regarding students with disabilities or specific students as necessary. We will be happy to hear from you and look forward to working with you.

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