Transfer Counseling

Transfer Counseling

Counselors at SUNY Adirondack can help students plan for transfer through the following activities:

  • Facilitate workshops on the "transfer process"
  • Advise students regarding transfer requirements and preparation
  • Provide information on "articulation agreements" and transfer opportunities with four year institutions
  • Provide students with information on transfer scholarship opportunities

Quick Guide to Transferring

If you are planning to transfer from SUNY Adirondack, it is generally advisable to complete associate degree requirements first, although transfer of coursework is still possible without degree completion.  It's never too early to start "transfer planning"!


1. Research Transfer Colleges and Universities

2. Meet with Representatives from 4-year Colleges & Universities and attend campus open house events

Click here to see "Calendar of College Visitations".

Colleges and universities will visit SUNY Adirondack throughout the year in the form of:

3. Choose the proper courses for your SUNY Adirondack degree and your transfer school




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