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Software Discounts for Students and Employees

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Microsoft & Adobe Software

Free Software Downloads - Requires current credit enrollment or current emploment status

Online Chat Clients
Instead of downloading and installing chat clients on computers, there are a few instant-access online alternatives such as Just remember to use caution when entering usernames and passwords on publicly accessible computers.

Software Details
If you are asked to provide information on what operating system or browser you are using, and are unsure what they are, visit That website will list some basic information about what you are using.

Internet Movie Database
IMDB is a mega-site for finding cast and production credits, plot summaries, reviews, and much more for tens of thousands of movies from all over the world.

SUNYSAT is the satellite programming system of the State University of New York is available to all SUNY campuses. Check here for programming information.

Urban legends, Folklore, Myths, Rumors, and Misinformation is a well-known website for validating and debunking urban legends, Internet rumors, email forwards, and other such stories of uncertain or questionable origin.

How-To Guides and How Things Work
There are several sites on the Internet which offer resources on how things work, how-to guides, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, such as HowStuffWorks, eHow, Instructables, wikiHow, and 5min

Technology Terms & Definitions
There are several sites on the Internet which offer definitions of many terms surrounding computers and technology, such as Webopedia, Computer Hope, TechTerms, and Computing Terminology on Wikipedia

General Computing Advice, Annoyances & Help
There are a variety of websites available with community forums that offer suggestions and solutions for questions you may have. Typically, answers for most questions can be found with a quick search in an online search engine. For everything else, there are a number of different communities to try, such as:, PCMech, Tom's Hardware, or SuperUser. For specific products, manufacturers sometimes have dedicated support forums linked on their website.

Computing Tips & Tricks
There are several sites on the Internet which offer tips, tricks, how-to's, and introduce interesting links and software, such as Lifehacker, MakeUseOf, PC World, SmashingApps, How-To Geek, and The Kim Komando Show.

Computer & Technology News
There is a very large number of tech-related and tech-oriented news sites available; some of the more well-known sites include:


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