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Computer Use Policy Addendum
Guidelines for Use of Email as an Official Means of Communication with Students

Purpose of this Document

This document will serve as the policy for the use of email as an official means of communication at Adirondack Community College.

The college will consider employees and students duly informed and in receipt of notifications and correspondences sent by any college administrator, staff or faculty member when sent to that employee or student’s college email account.

Email must not be used as the sole method of communication in regard to any legal action.

Comments or questions about the college email policy may be directed to the Director of Campus Technology at

Assignment of Email Accounts

Adirondack Community College assigns campus email accounts to all students registered in credit bearing courses, all staff, administrators and faculty. Email accounts can also be issued to individuals not falling in to one of these categories with permission of the Director of Campus Technology. An individual’s email address will be:

Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been established to assure that the goals and reputation of the college are upheld.

For the purposes of official and mass email communications, messages will be sent to a student’s official college email address.

Offices choosing to use email as an official means of communication are responsible for maintaining records of all communications sent in that format. Those choosing to use email must be prepared to receive return messages in email format. Offices should also be prepared to receive return messages for emails that could not be delivered and to have a consistent departmental plan for reissuing communication in an alternate format to assure the student receives the information. All official college email communication must be done using a valid campus email account.

General Guidelines for Official Mass Email Messages:

Using email as a form of mass mailing should be done judiciously, since students will disregard messages coming from the college if they receive too many, especially if that information does not pertain to them. Whenever possible, the subject line of the email should be completed so students are able to discern that the message pertains to and is relevant to them. Emails without subject lines are often interpreted as viruses or spam mail.

Message content that is considered appropriate for mass mailing:

  • Academic Program information
  • Academic department information (changes in course offerings, job openings)
  • Changes to academic policies or services
  • Commencement information
  • Degree clearance information
  • Registration or billing deadlines

Message content that is considered inappropriate for mass mailing:

  • Any message which violates the college’s Computer Use Policy
  • Any message requesting the return of secure information via email, such as social security number, SUNY Adirondack ID, passwords, date of birth, credit card information, etc.
  • Information unrelated to official College business or without legitimate educational purpose
  • Promotions or solicitations of any kind

Any information sent out through campus email that is done as a mass mailing must have the prior approval of a member of senior management: the President, a Vice-President, Director of Facilities or the Director of Campus Technology.

General Guidelines for Official Everyday Email Communications:

All everyday communications must comply with SUNY Adirondack’s Computer Use Policy. If email is required for successful completion of a course, the faculty member is required to explicitly state this in their course syllabus.

Redirection of Email Accounts:

Students should be aware that their campus email account is considered their official email account in regard to all business pertaining to Adirondack Community College. If a student opts to forward mail from their official account to an outside service provider they do at their own risk. The college is only responsible for messages sent to an official college email account. Students are responsible for checking their email frequently and consistently (at least once a day is recommended) for official correspondence and with familiarizing themselves with the content of official messages.


All faculty and staff should be familiar with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and the college’s responsibility to protect a student’s privacy. When using email as an official means of communication the following information should not be included:

  • Social security numbers
  • Adirondack Community College ID numbers
  • User ID
  • Passwords
  • Date of birth
  • Credit card informationAnything that can be considered secure information


Adapted from University at Albany’s Guidelines for Use of Email: Everyday Communications, Email as an Official Means of Communication with Students, Mass Email .

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