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SUNY Adirondack Personal Web Page Policy & Procedures

If you are a student at SUNY Adirondack, you have the option of posting your own webpage to the college's web server. If you are interested in posting your own page, please review the SUNY Adirondack Policy for Personal Web Pages. If you agree to follow the college policy you may follow these instructions to post your personal page.

Purpose of this Document

This document will serve as the policy for the creation and maintenance of personal web pages posted on the Adirondack Community College website. Comments or questions about the college web policy may be directed to the web site coordinator at

Personal Web Pages

Personal Home Pages are developed and maintained by individuals who are currently members of the Adirondack Community College (SUNY Adirondack) community. The posting of these pages is a privilege extended to members of the SUNY Adirondack community and the quality and accuracy of the information published on these pages should not reflect unfavorably on the reputation and image of the college. For this reason it is essential that all pages conform to the SUNY Adirondack Personal Web Page Policy and procedures as well as all federal and state laws.

Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been established to assure that the goals and reputation of the college are upheld.

  • Adirondack Community College will provide server space for all college faculty, student or staff members. Web accounts will have FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to the individual's personal directory located on the college's World Wide Web server. Users will have the ability to maintain their own web page. Even though personal pages will not be screened, the college reserves the right to monitor your work on the World Wide Web server and remove files at its discretion. Failure to follow this agreement could lead to criminal prosecution.
  • Adirondack Community College will provide a link from the official college web site to the individual's personal web page upon request. The link will include the college's disclaimer page which reads as follows:

    Realizing the value of sharing information, Adirondack Community College encourages the personal publishing of individual web pages. Adirondack Community College wishes to encourage students, faculty and staff to experiment and produce useful pages. However, the college cannot accept responsibility for the contents of those pages.

    The attached links are those of personal web pages and are not official Adirondack Community College content. The views and opinions expressed in these pages are strictly those of the web page authors. Please direct any comments to the respective authors.

  • Individuals who wish to create their own web page should review the SUNY Adirondack Computer Use Policy and the World Wide Web disclaimer. Those creating web pages are considered the owners of those pages and hold the final responsibility for the content. Those who create pages are assuming the responsibility to maintain and update those pages. Failure to meet these guidelines could result in the removal of their web page from the SUNY Adirondack web server.
  • Individuals posting web pages will not interfere with the performance of the SUNY Adirondack Web server and:
    • will not hold the college responsible for loss of data or service
    • will not attempt to damage college computer hardware or software
    • will not attempt to manipulate or delete computer files belonging to another user
    • will not attempt to circumvent system security
  • Server side scripting/programming must to be reviewed and approved by the college webmaster before being uploaded to the college's web server
  • All web pages need to:
    • all web pages need to be located in your s:\public_html or g:\public_html folder
    • have the top level page named home.html
    • link to the Adirondack Community College disclaimer page,
    • include a last date the page was updated
    • include contact information/email address for the page owner
  • All web pages must follow these guidelines:
    • must not be constructed or used for business or profit
    • cannot host an external ( non-Adirondack Community College ) organizations
    • photographs of people, especially minors, cannot be used without express permission from the subject and the parent or legal guardian
    • may not be used to violate copyright law, pornography law, or any other federal, state or local law
    • permission must be obtained and original ownership noted if web pages contain copyrighted material

Adapted from: Empire State College World Wide Web Policy and the SUNY Ulster Policies for Official Departmental and Personal Web Pages.

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